Story Seed: Feed the Deer

Sometimes if you’re tired or under the weather, your brain comes up with ideas you really don’t have the time or motivation to write. Or at least not to invest the research you’d need to write them well. But the idea itself keeps bouncing around in your head, taking up time and attention you want for other projects, and the only reliable way to get it to quit that is scribble down the basics so you stop thinking about it.

I don’t know what Hurricane Sally blew in, but it’s allergic as heck and very distracting.

So! Have a crazy.

Evil deer carrying mind-controlling ticks; either an alien invasion or a rakshasa variant of Bambi. You pick which is scarier.

Two possible main characters: A Ruggedly Handsome good guy hunter with a modern compound bow and/or crossbow. (Check The Impossible Bow: Building Archery Bows with PVC Pipe by Nicholas Tomihama for possible research avenues if he has to improvise.)

A botanist studying plant-animal interactions who discovers the plant habitat for the ticks. Note a lot of deer leads to an overabundance of ferns as the deer eat everything else. Looking at ground disturbances; possibly finds old meteor strike?

Other characters and events:

Hoary old guy who warns people “don’t go in the woods!”

A mansion being put up leads to construction workers getting ill.

Deer destroy the radio when they need it most. “He must just be out of contact,” but it’s getting dark….

Hapless victims: Texting while driving. Texting while hiking. Treehugger. Principal. Naïve parents.

-The dogcatcher should survive.

-Likewise the small-town sheriff, though he should have a close call; he was investigating the string of Mysterious Deaths.

Images/Taglines: “Do not feed the animals” sign with a bitemark.

“Some species deserve to go extinct.”

“They took a superbug into space. It came back….”

“Someone has to put Bambi in his place.”

Ahem. Free to good home. Or even wacky home. Make a Supercroc-style action horror novel. Go wild! Maybe it’ll be the next Llamageddon.

(Yes, someone actually made that movie, I still can’t believe it….)

13 thoughts on “Story Seed: Feed the Deer

  1. Well there was the “horror” movie about the island of giant dogs wearing shaggy rugs man-eating shrews- who’s bites were poisonous iirc. Saw it in MST3000 aaaaggggeess ago.

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    1. Quick wiki check, some species are in fact venomous, and shrews are indeed voracious eaters. 1/2x to 2x their body weight in food intake, in captivity, depending on species metabolism….

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      1. Wild Kratts (kids’ edutainment animal show, they fly around in a giant tortoise ship and learn about animals by turning into them with techno-magic disks) did an adorable bit on how scary a shrew can be by shrinking down the main characters, I think it was in the worm episode.

        They also did a Madagascar episode that had heavy handed horror themes with this tiny bundle of fluff and claws as the antagonist:

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  2. No idea anymore what the premise was for a (mad?) scientist(s) to mutate shrews, but whoever wrote the script was apparently fascinated by how voracious they supposedly are.

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  3. /Sometimes if you’re tired or under the weather, your brain comes up with ideas you really don’t have the time or motivation to write./

    Apparently I’ve been under the weather for decades!

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