22 thoughts on “Posting Tomorrow

  1. Dang, that’s a harsh blow, especially after things had settled somewhat, post-storm…

    Especially as the roof tends to be the critical element in keeping a house standing in stormy weather.

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      1. Mostly I was praying they didn’t break the window there right under the eave. And more importantly, that nobody fell and broke their neck. They did break one of the porch lights. I’ll spare you the rest of the grisly details; suffice it to say my nerves are still totally shot, and I’m trying to find everything I can do today that doesn’t take concentration.

        Long story short, between this and the tree-trimming to keep the next storm from taking down our wires, we’ve spent as much making this place safe in the past WEEK as we would need to live on for a MONTH.

        At least it looks like the probate is settled, so hopefully we’ll be able to sell the house in a few months. As-is, where-is, you wanna fix it, you fix; you wanna gut it and build something else, go for it. Augh. So. Tired.

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  2. Having had squirrels, woodpeckers, and bats living in my own roof (the bats aren’t actually a problem, now that we have them contained to there own portion of the attic, and are actually quite useful in keeping the bug population down in the area. At least they were until they started being killed off by something called the White Nose Fungus. We now only have perhaps 6 to 10 out of a former colony of 200. whoops, tangent) I wish you the best of luck in keeping your own roof critter free.

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    1. Mostly I need a lot of quiet. The fixing was near 7 hours of constant, nonstop noise. My nervous system does not handle noise well. Couple that with constant worries about what they might break next… quiet is needed.

      Unfortunately, instead I need to go get some hurricane supplies. Because 2020.


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