A Bit of Sunshine

Bad weather, bad moods – let’s have a little sun to cheer up.

This is from the backyard, so it’s probably not the same lizard that keeps joyriding on my car. No, really. They like to hide out in the windshield wiper wells, under the hood, and on the bumper. I’ve tried chasing them off – they just hide in the engine. Sigh.

It is very, very distracting to be driving and then suddenly have a lizard skittering across your windshield.

Not a bee. We have several species of flies that look like bees, and this is one of them. Which one, not sure.

And this is what happens when starter pots go unbothered long enough to collect some soil dust, water, and moss spores. Mini-world!

And another one. 🙂

Lot of big, bad things out there. Hopefully a little bit of good small stuff helps.

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