Current Events: Chaos, Panic, Disorder….

So. Hurricane Zeta went mostly past us, though we did lose power for a few hours Wednesday night. Thursday was mostly falling over and trying to get some quiet, it’s been a long and hectic couple of weeks. Which was nice while it lasted. Then some rather important paperwork showed up in my inbox at what I consider a not very reasonable hour of night… and it had errors, so it can’t be signed off on until after they fix it. Augh.

This month is just not cutting anyone a break.

In local news, there’s going to be a meeting 5-8 PM on Pensacola Beach for businesses affected by the 3-Mile Bridge being out. I was amused to consider the fact that technically I could show up. After all, the lack of business across the bridge has led to the local Office Depot closing – they’re not officially closed for another week or so, but they’ve already shut down their print services. And that definitely affects me, I need rough drafts to edit.

But it’s not a direct effect, and I’m going to be busy tomorrow. Again. Fixing what paperwork I can fix, and tracking down all kinds of accounts and information that’ll be needed to finally move out of this house. Though hopefully we will get a little time to get the dog used to walking on a leash first before we make the final move. Oy.

On the one hand I’m looking forward to getting out of a place that’s literally crumbling around our ears. OTOH I’m twitchy and exhausted as heck from the past few weeks, I haven’t been able to write fiction for several days straight (never good for my brain), and the prospect of moving everything when we still have more to clear out of the place, not to mention setting up new phone, electrical account, etc…. is no fun whatsoever.

Though I have to admit that I wonder if Skanska will show up to the Pensacola Beach business meeting. I’m leaning toward not. After all, they already blew off the Pensacola City Council meeting because they “weren’t invited”. I’m sure they think local businesses have even less political pull.

*Flops* And then there’s all the political shenanigans in the country. Too much stress. Bleah.

Hope we’re all hanging in there.

11 thoughts on “Current Events: Chaos, Panic, Disorder….

    1. *Rueful* As of this moment, it’s looking like not. And I had a 7-year winning streak!

      But we may be moving out in just a few weeks, so… just too much to do. Packing, sorting, trashing, donating, etc.

      I’m making a list of things I personally need to get packed/taken care of. ATM it’s got about 12 things on it. It will undoubtedly end up with more. But I figure if I try to get at least 2-3 things off the list done a day, I ought to have it done in two weeks. *Knocks on wood.*

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      1. *7 Years*?! That’s amazing! I do hope things get better for you!

        I’m hoping to move to Canada in a few years with several of my friends. The US is turning stupider by the minute.

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      2. One of my friends who’s actually in Canada puts it like this: “Canada has just about as much crazy as the US, we just try to remember to say nice polite things too, so it looks like we’re not as bad.”

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      3. Can’t speak to it from personal experience, but… a) During the ARW, about a third was driven off, and became an influence in Canada, and two thirds stayed, and influenced the culture in the US. There may well be profound cultural differences, probably are, but the populations may ‘catch’ similar ‘diseases’. b) Everyone has less information about situations they are further from. How does the missing information get filled in? One approach can lead to constant seeking out new circumstances, each time hoping the next will fix some problem. I have a couple of opposing biases, so I study everything forever, getting nothing done. But it is probably worth spending the wait working on observation, and thinking about multiple explanations for what you observe. c) A different country and a different culture is a huge change. Doing it successfully is a lot of mental and behavioral changes. US to Canada, probably the bare minimum understanding includes understanding the difference between ‘nice’ and both ‘polite’ and ‘reticent’. It’d definitely be much, much deeper than that. The tricky bits, that will trip you up the most, will really test your ability to observe and figure out, is the stuff that is hugely important, but no one talks about. Or, the only people who talk about it loudly in public are crazy people.

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  1. Be careful.
    If you’re feeling fiction deprived, you might accidentally start filling in paperwork with plot bunnies.

    Party A agrees to abide by all regulatory requirements set forth by Party B… or else the fairies will steal their left shoes!

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  2. Gonna try to do NaNo, but Cedar Sanderson did a Facebook post about ‘magical creatures a janitor would use’, and I turned that into ‘an old man legally distinct from Darby O’Gill takes on a job as groundskeeper for a trust fund wizard who got frustrated trying to set up a bunch of magical critters for the odic equivalent of the milpa farming system’, dragging me away from my WIPs.

    So now I’m going to work on a series of short stories about not!Darby trying to get it all to work properly, while not!Brian laughs himself silly as he watches it all unfold.

    Assuming I can produce something that doesn’t suck, I’ll even get to learn Amazon self-publishing while on zero budget. Which I needed to learn anyway.


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