Whispers of Fire Ch15 Ficbit – Outside the Box

“If anybody’s stuck as king here when the sun goes down, a lot of these bastards have to die,” Cassim said lightly.

“Cassim!” Alibaba hissed.

“Brother. You’re good. You’re not an idiot.” Cassim shrugged. “They stay in charge, Balbadd gets caught back in the same trap. Just slower this time. They’ve got to go.”

Judar snickered. “And that bothers you?”

“Not a chance,” Cassim smirked. For a moment. “But I know it bothers you, Alibaba.”

Damn right he knew that. If Ali had to do it himself? He might never sleep again.

Alibaba braced himself. “I’ll… think of something.”

“Yeah, you always do,” Cassim allowed. “But you need time to think. And someone’s not going to let you have it.” He let his gaze flick to white, purple, and gold, keeping the hate to a low simmer. Sinbad was a king. He had to know how much blood it’d cost to make Balbadd safe. And he was still pushing Alibaba into this.

You? I don’t like you.

The blond winced. “He’s trying to help us save Balbadd.”

“Yeah. Because it helps Sindria. And maybe he even likes you.” Cassim glared at his brother. “You’ve got people who need you, idiot. Jahan. That crazy redhead. That crazier kid. You going to let them go down in that shark’s cove of a court just because Sinbad thinks he can make you a king?”

Alibaba opened his mouth… and closed it, glancing Morgiana’s way. Gold eyes hardened, determined.

Good. He’s thinking. “So, crazy Magi,” Cassim went on. “You know the Idiot of the Seven Seas. How do we screw with his plans?”

Judar’s eyes lit, red sun-warm and happy. “I’m absolutely keeping you.”

Yeah, they were going to have to have words about that-

The magi lifted his head, and his wand, grinning in a way that would have made lions turn and run. “Testaments, heirs – Balbadd’s customs can stay in Balbadd!” His free hand waved, bringing any too-brave guards to a quick halt. “The princess needs someone who can stand on his own feet in the Empire. So….”

The ruby wand gleamed, and the whole plaza went berserk.

32 thoughts on “Whispers of Fire Ch15 Ficbit – Outside the Box

      1. *snrk* Yeah, no kidding! I had to watch it at least twice to keep everything straight. The reason I ask is that the film relates to the Remake. Don’t know if you’re interested in spoilers, but your posts on continuity made me wonder if you’d heard more about the new game’s plot.

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      2. *G* The game follows the plot of the original wit some notable exceptions. Cloud’s trauma is much more pronounced as he swings between his real memories of what happened and his false personality. Add to this his odd visions of what is to come (i.e. the Sector Seven plate dropping, Aerith’s death) and repeated “hallucinations” of Sephiroth, and it’s clear he’s not all right.

        Aerith also seems to know things she shouldn’t. She pushes Cloud into rescuing FIFA from


      3. Oops, hit send too early. I meant to say she pushes him into rescuing Tifa from Don Corneo when the latter tries to tell him she’ll be fine. More than that, Aerith recognizes members of AVALANCHE before they introduce themselves, *and* she knows Sephiroth is back.

        Then there are the Whispers, “guardians of fate” which the Planet sends out to ensure a favorable outcome to its future. These Dementor-esque ghosts prevent people from dying (including Barret, when Sephiroth kills him in th Shinra president’s office), but they also make *sure* bad things happen. They prevent the team from stopping the Sector Seven plate drop and – seemingly – ensure the deaths of Biggs, Jessie, and Wedge.


      4. I say seemingly because, after the final boss fight with the lead Whisper, Sephiroth opens a portal to…somewhere else. The gang fights but Cloud is brought to a place called the “Edge of Creation” by Sephiroth, who asks him to join him. Cloud, naturally, says no (though it looks like a close thing for a second) and Seph tells him he has “seven seconds before the end. What will you do with it?”

        After this, as the gang sets out, we see that Biggs has survived the fall of the Sector Seven plate. And, in the past or an alternate timeline, *Zack has survived his final confrontation with the Shinra army.* He passes both Cloud and Aerith while dragging Cloud toward the cliff on his way to Midgar. He and Aerith appear to sense each other (she raises her head, he smiles), but they don’t *see* each other. In Japanese, Aerith looks up as the rain falls and says, “This is the sky. I hate it.” In English she says she misses the steel sky (the plate).

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      5. There are some other, minor additions to the Remake that weren’t in the original game, but these are the big alterations. Only a select few can see the Whispers (including Rufus Shinra and Hojo), and Red XIII is a non-playable character at the moment. In order to upset Aerith, Hojo also reveals they found Ifalna’s body and dissected it. (He could be lying but that seems doubtful.) We get more characterization for Biggs, Wedge, and Jessie, along with new side quests and some new side characters. But it seems likely that this is what Sephiroth meant when he said he would never be a memory.

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  1. hahahaha the chaos that’s about to happen. sinbad, you may have the best of intentions, but these guys have their own plans in motion!

    thank you for the ficbit!

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      1. Because if Cassim is going to marry Pink Meanie, he’s got to have his own Djinn in order to have comparable status with the Kou. _Plus_ Judar already considers Cassim one of his toys. (Not to mention, he might consider himself owed a replacement king for Lord Jamil.)


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      2. …Do think someone can raise a dungeon that’s already been cleared? Just, the would-be king makes it through dangers untold, to the very end. A solemn djin looks at them and says-

        The treasure you seek is in another tower.

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  2. Bad Judar. Do you have any idea how long it’s going to take for them to repair the plaza with that dungeon tower smashing up through it?

    And while it’s pretty much guaranteed that A: Judar will throw Cassim into the dungeon and B: Cassim will eventually come out with a metal vessel; the real question will be what djinn is he going to get?

    Granted there’s a long list to pick from but considering that Aladdin will soon make it possible for the djinn to constantly communicate with their kings, it would be most appropriate if it’s a ‘match’ like Amon and Alibaba. The Djinn of austerity and decorum having a king that well…..we’ve seen Alibaba’s life. 😛

    So for Cassim, the Djinn of peace and honesty maybe? *G*

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      1. Let’s just say there will be lots of broken stonework, and even more Consequences.

        Judar in one move will have managed to wreck EVERYONE’s plans.

        Yes, everyone. Sinbad, Alibaba, Cassim, Al-Thamen, the ambassadors, Abhmad….

        Well. He probably hasn’t wrecked Aladdin’s plan. Yet. But everyone else? Judar, you troll.

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