Thanksgiving After-Action Report

Well, nothing caught fire, nothing exploded, and nobody’s dead who wasn’t at the start of the week. No problematic relatives showed up, no neighbors dropped by, and the truck battery that died Thanksgiving morning got replaced Friday.

That was a bit of an adventure. Tow truck driver gave it a jumpstart, but he warned us it might not start again once turned off. Given the truck was already loaded with stuff for transport, we just hightailed it out of there, offloaded stuff very quickly with the motor still running, and drove back to the mechanic to drop it off. Fortunately, this particular mechanic has a setup for holidays and off-hours: Put keys in provided envelope, write problem description on envelope, seal, and drop it through a slot so they can get it in the morning. Useful.

All in all, I’ve had worse holidays.

Though I admit to being a mite tetchy. I know it’s 2020, but it’d be nice if things would tone down to even one emergency a week. This series of chaotic events about every two to three days is doing my nerves no good whatsoever. I’ve had enough living in interesting times. As, I’m sure, have we all.

This is the time of year when the axial tilt of the planet starts leeching minutes of sunlight from the day faster and faster. Remember to go out and get some sun the hours that it’s there, to help fight off the bleak spots in life. There are a lot of those right now.

Hoping the next couple of days are quiet. I need to get some writing done!

2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving After-Action Report

  1. I look forward to your writing. As someone who suffers from seasonal depression, I can confirm that the special lights they sell to treat it work. IF you do it within an hour of waking up and don’t do it for longer than fifteen minutes. My family confirms I’m much easier to live with in winter since I started using one.

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  2. Oooh, I’ll share my “disaster”!

    My father in law does computer management for a decent sized company.

    He’s super paranoid about backups.

    Talked me into trying the backup software he uses, because my main hard-drive was split in half with the stupid automatic recovery section making it so I couldn’t reunify it. (there’s a long list of small annoyances leading there.)

    It didn’t work.

    The files it needed to re-create the main hard drive do not exist.

    He was… not impressed. I blamed the toddler, not the software being designed for managing 200+ computers and a number of servers.

    Not an actual problem, because all the games I’d have to reinstall are on the other hard-drive (which I physically removed before wiping anything) and all my photographs, books, attempts at writing, emails from 20 years ago, etc are on that drive, and Onedrive, and three other computers including my laptop.

    Once again, the best possible bad luck happens!

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