Brief Note on Books and Beads

Given eBay 1) wants everyone to update their accounts to not use Paypal, but 2) still has not fixed the page you need to use to update so that I can actually use it, I may try moving beads and books to Etsy. Anyone have any feedback on that?

(Yes, I’ve gone through eBay’s help chat. Four times. The last two times they said they’d get back to me when it was fixed. It’s been over a week since that last time, and still no fix. Hmph.)

Writing Characters: Those Who Spot Patterns, Part 2

As I said in the previous post, ASD is a stable brain state. As best as researchers can determine, at certain points the brain is supposed to prune neuron growth to reduce certain connections. Like digging a single deep channel for a river, instead of letting it spread out and meander in countless streams across a floodplain.

In an autistic person, those neurons don’t get pruned. Continue reading