In Recovery Mode

With luck, everything important got moved yesterday, but there’s still a fishtank. Stand needs to get set up first, so the poor catfish gets the least stress possible. Bad enough we’re probably going to have to half-empty the tank and put it in the trunk for minimal jostling. Once we bring it into the apartment we want to put it right down!


13 thoughts on “In Recovery Mode

  1. Heh. We ended up bringing the fishtank so we wouldn’t have to stress the dog out leaving him in a strange place alone. Currently building the stand. Joy. It says 1-2 people should need an hour at it. Uh-huh. Not likely, takes two people just to hold pieces together while they get attached to each other… sigh.

    I hurt everywhere. But the important stuff is all here, and hopefully tomorrow we’ll get back into a more normal schedule.

    BTW if anyone is in the general FL NW panhandle I recc’ the Chosen One Movers moving company. Yes, I know they sound like they ought to be working for isekai authors. But they picked up and moved all the heavy stuff, got it into the place in good shape, and even had an alternate power cord for the dryer when it turned out to be a 3-prong where the apartment has a 4-prong. We gave them a good tip!

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  2. I’d be careful with the tank. They can weigh a lot, depending on the size. A little 10g weighs about 100lbs when it’s fully setup. So be sure that where the tank sits can support it’s weight.

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