Not Exactly a Rain of Toads

Does a watering can of frogs count as a sign of the apocalypse? Or just, you know, 2020?

There’s a perfectly good explanation. Honest. I think.

We moved, but I’ve had to make several trips back for various things that got left in the chaos of not enough time to pack or we found out we actually needed. One of those was a specific long-spouted watering can. Mind, one that was inside the house, and had been for weeks. I got it, brought it back for Roommate, who filled it with water to use it….

Well, try to use it. Water only dribbled out. Curious Roommate peered into the inner end of the spout, but saw nothing obstructing it. Peered in the outer end-

Something was blocking the light. Something that very closely matched the green of the watering can.

And then it wriggled.

I’ll spare you the exclamations that resounded. Skip ahead to my obtaining a stick and poking down the spout from the outside. Poke. Poke. Thwack the spout, where shadow showed through the translucent plastic. Poke….


Not one, but two treefrogs. A large brown and spotted one, and a smaller green one that had been closer to the end. Treefrogs like to hide out on cold winter days in various cavities; I guess they thought the spout of a watering can was nice, damp, and comfy. They sure scrambled back into it fast enough.

I’d brought the can back to a screened-in porch, but the screen might have holes. They might be local. Otherwise they must have gotten into the can when it was outside about a month back, were brought into the house with it, and have been there at least a week. Oy.

On the note of hitchhikers, yes, I still have lizards joyriding on my car. I suspect it’s the same lizard. Clinging to the wiper blades alternating with standing up like a surfer in a strong wind and skittering across the windshield.

I’m going to go on the record here and say I am not, and have never wished to be, a Disney Princess. Nope. Never.

…But animals keep finding me.

So. Watering can of frogs; apocalypse-lite, or just facepalmy?


27 thoughts on “Not Exactly a Rain of Toads

      1. I kid-you-not caught myself putting up Christmas lights outside the house and singing:
        For the grace, for the might of our lord
        For the home of the holy
        For the faith, for the way of the sword
        Gave their lives so boldly
        For the grace, for the might of our lord
        In the name of his glory
        For the faith, for the way of the sword
        Come and tell their story again

        Still can’t decide if it’s a perfectly good Advent song or not.

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  1. Speaking of Apocalypse, while I’d like Whispers of Fire to continue, laying down more Track would also be appreciated.

    Once you’ve had a chance for real rest post move, that is. The narcissists in your family can’t drag you away for Christmas or New Years, right?


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    1. Not now, no. Hence why we moved. Now behind a locked door with an address they don’t have. Finally.

      ATM just trying to write anything the bunnies will work on. Currently that’s been the Worldbuilding draft. But they’re at least making noises about getting interested in fic again.

      Tomorrow I don’t have to go anywhere. Will see if I can just sit down with notes and poke!

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      1. Recently told myself “No, you cannot do a KH based fixfic for the MCU where Sora does a bunch of ranting about politics. And you can’t just put in an OC for whom the ravings would be in character.”

        So your bunnies are sounding fairly sane to me.

        Yilin Herald-Patriarch of Valdemar…

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      2. If it matures into something, it will probably be minus the political ranting. A lot of the Kingdom Hearts cast is focused on the interpersonal scale, and questions of metaphysical existence. (Cosmic world ending stuff, not philosophy.)

        On the other hand, 20th Century Fox made a fair number of WWII movies, and Keyblade welders could get some exposure by way of those.

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  2. Ethan Van Sciver (from ComicArtistPro Secrets) would have it that being favored by visits by frogs, toads, and small lizards is a sign of good character, because they instinctively know who their friends are. Of course, he’s the guy who draws Cyberfrog comics, and his neighborhood is apparently an amphibian paradise, so he’s a tad biased.

    The Disney Princess archetype is somewhat based on the folktale motif that good humans help animals in trouble, and then the animals reveal that they are fairy tale animals with human intelligence, or archetypal kings of their kind, or transformed humans.

    But there’s also the native American idea that if everybody is treating you like crud, the natural world and the Powers might notice and be sympathetic, and become guardian totems. The Buddhist idea is that learning to disregard suffering makes you sort of a more neutral, unthreatening presence in the world that is closer to being a Buddha or disappearing into Nirvana, so animals would like that. And the Christian or Jewish idea would be that if you are living more in tune with God and not doing evil, you become more like God, and hence the little created beings trust you and look for you to do more of the original job of humans, “to tend and guard” Creation.

    Obviously I would lean more towards the latter… but even from a totally secular standpoint, clearly animals are more comfortable around some people. Often it’s people who move slowly and steadily, or who behave in some other way that makes them predictably safe for animals to be around. Animals are not magic, but they are reliably themselves in a way that many humans are not.

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    1. Akshully, the Mayan thing was just how the zero/ten on their calendar worked.

      And there really is reason to think that the world could have ended in 2020.

      Zelazny’s last book before they got to him and shut him up was about Jack the Ripper, Dracula, and Sherlock Holmes becoming involved in a magical ritual battle royale between a faction trying to awaken and release the great old ones, and a faction trying to stop the first group.

      This ritual can happen in those months of October that have a full moon on Halloween, when October starts and ends on a full moon. 2020 was such a year.

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  3. LOLOLOL that’s way better than the snake I found climbing the wall right next to my bed one time. Though perhaps a bit more… unpredictably bouncy. 😛 Stay as sane as the frogs will let you, and merry Christmas Eve!

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