And Now on Etsy

Given eBay continues to throw fits at me, I’m now in the process of opening up on Etsy.

So here I am on GulfLightBeadsBooks.

So far I only have a few items up, but I’m going to get more listed, including all my signed books. Currently up are Tell No Tales, Pearl of Fire, Seeds of Blood, and A Net of Dawn and Bones. I still need to get more copies of Count Taka and the Vampire Brides; they should be here in a few days.

I’m hoping this works out. I honestly can’t begin to describe my level of frustration with eBay. It took no less than 2 months and 6 separate Help Chats to get their Seller Onboarding sorted out to the point I got that supposedly verified, and just Sunday they sent me yet another message that I had failed to sign up, with no info at all about what I’m still missing that they want. And Help has no one available through chat, and phone gets the message of “there will be no agent available before the close of business today”.

Seriously, no idea what’s going on over there, but it smacks of Not Good.


16 thoughts on “And Now on Etsy

      1. Heh, you should look up the Wil Wheaton dice curse on YouTube. The guys is legendary for his mathematics-defying streaks of terrible rolls; in one live game the DM even switched dice with him and the streak continued. Sounds like you might sympathize. (Plus he plays it for all it’s worth, so it’s a good laugh.)

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      2. You need to start charging them for your services, and those of the Roommate. Per day. I bet they’ll be happy to sell the house then.

        And yes, this is a good time to sell, so it’s hard to see why they wouldn’t jump on the market.

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      3. …You haven’t met my brothers. Legalities may mean we’re all equally responsible for the bills, but you have no idea how long it took us just to get reimbursed for the property tax. They will run up ANY amount of money and expect us to pay it instead of them. They did not chip in one cent for even the most basic funeral expenses.

        Plus my sister and I have been sick most of this month (Covid round 2, oi) and exhausted from 6+ years of caretaking and dealing with all the cleanup of the estate before that.

        They’re narcs. They’ll run for years on the Drama of “we can’t sell the house!” if they can. And they’re willing to run us into the ground legally and financially to do it. Think of narcs as hardcore addicts. Only they’re addicted to making other people suffer.

        I do not come from a sane family.


      4. That sucks.

        I’m guessing it’s more “We can’t sell the house because Sentimental Reasons” rather than “Can’t sell the house because the price isn’t high enough”, but that they’d switch to whichever reason had more Drama at the moment?

        Not knowing anything about Florida’s property laws, is there any potential for getting the bank/city/county to foreclose on the property? Or for getting your name off the deeds and utility account, and then letting all payments lapse?

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      5. Think more along the lines of, “We can’t sell the house because you want to do it. And it’s supposed to be your job to maintain everything we want indefinitely and fix all our problems at your own expense. That’s what Mom always made you do for us, we expect you to keep doing it.”

        Seriously, one of these guys asked for a copy of his birth certificate a decade after he moved out of the house. And let me have it verbally because I didn’t go out and order a new one for him.


      6. Yikes.

        As one responsible eldest child to (presumably) another, I wholeheartedly endorse any scheme you want to implement that would safely cut your losses and leave Brothers Dearest holding the bag.


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      7. We’re not scheming, exactly. Just, “Guys, we do not want the property, and by law no one can make us hold onto it. Either you buy out our shares, we arrange to sell it, or the courts get involved and it goes to auction. Stop. Stalling.”


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