Whispers of Fire Ch16 Ficbit – Entai

A/N: It’s going slowly – too much Drama in my life – but I’m trying to get this going again.

The Dungeon Gate shimmered like night-dyed silk, rippling into stillness again as the rest of the Kou, plus one would-be king street rat tagalong, vanished off the face of the world. Leaving the three of them behind. Forgotten.

Just as our Prince planned.

Well, maybe not just as Prince Kouen had planned. Entai hmphed, tasting the settling dust even through his veil. Their prince had planned for his favorite Dungeon Creatures to take over as King Abhmad’s bodyguards, decimating the Royal Guard and army in the process. The king and nobles might have been willing to peacefully join the Empire, but experience gained in absorbing the last three kingdoms said the soldiers would be much more troublesome.

And if in the process the three of them just happened to guard his too-trusting little sister from her husband until he could be properly disposed of – well, two birds, one stone. Why should the Empire lose a princess and Djinn Warrior to an idiot?

So far this Cassim didn’t look like an idiot. Whether or not he’d survive what Judar was about to put him through…eh, fifty-fifty odds, Entai suspected. Judar could be vicious when he liked someone.

But that was a problem for later, Entai thought, cracking his neck as he looked over the crowd of witnesses. Ambassadors. Whatever. Half-dozen of them plus Sinbad; and it’d be very stupid to underestimate the King of Sindria, even without his Metal Vessels. The man had gotten through at least one Dungeon completely on his own, with no Magi and no mortal help. He wouldn’t be an easy fight.

Then again, Entai had Engi, Enshin, and Enshin’s monkey-horde behind him. Entai liked those odds.

He huffed a breath that really required at least one trunk for full effect, and smirked behind his veil. Their master had been right to send them along, if wrong about who was actually going to be the problem.

High Priest Judar. Raising a Dungeon. In a land we haven’t even conquered yet!

Chaos. Disaster. Blood, death, and screams.

…And that was Judar all over the place, which meant someone should have realized this would happen. The Magi couldn’t last three weeks without a dose of deadly chaos.

Entai didn’t know if Judar had planned to kill King Abhmad in the process. But given how the magical brat’s eyes narrowed whenever someone else even looked crossly at his “hag”, Entai wouldn’t put it past him.

Problem was, Judar’d done it in front of witnesses. Noble, ambassadorial witnesses from half a dozen other nations the Kou Empire couldn’t conquer immediately.


10 thoughts on “Whispers of Fire Ch16 Ficbit – Entai

  1. “How did the Balibadd take over go?”


    “Yes? He was there…”

    “Judar Judar’d all over the place and now it’s all Judar’d up.”

    “When did ‘Judar’ turn into a verb?”

    “When we decided to use him.”

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    1. Sadly, I haven’t been able to find a good word starting with ‘d’ that would copy the meaning of *fluff*ed Up Beyond All Recognition – i.e. the military acronym FUBAR – to the phrased Judar’d Up (D word) All Recognition, which would have allowed it to be a recursive acronym.


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  2. “This is going to be sweet and wholesome.”

    “Who told you that?”



    Oh, and I found a Bitchute channel called “liamhayes121 anime” that has a lot of obscure 80’s anime. Sukeban Deka is on there (schoolgirl gangster with killer yoyo — I remember it being a fun watch if you’re in a mean mood). Also the Japanese series that got turned into Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs, Sejushi Bisumaruku. I don’t know what all else, but it’s pretty old school, so check it out.

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  3. Alibaba kills Entai in canon. How much do we care about dungeon monsters as sophonts? Because he’s apparently thinking he needs to take care of the witnesses. Canon, he’s ruthless enough to do it. Killing him and all the other dungeon monsters that got left behind would be a really good idea, if they can do it fast enough to be able to then go on to deal with the mob outside.

    I mean, turning their backs on him to go deal with the mob first seems _really dumb_.


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  4. hoping things are going okay for you! I love Whispers of Fire a lot, and I think about it pretty often lol. I’m about to start my fifth(ish? probably more) re-read of it! I wanted to thank you again for the wonderful story, and wish you well!

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