All Signed Books Now On Etsy

Count Taka and the Vampire Brides is now up on Etsy!


So now I have all my currently published books available as signed copies to print no matter what eBay throws at me. Given eBay is still yanking me around with “won’t tell you what you haven’t done to fulfill our requirements”. Oi….

Some earrings and other possibly useful crafty things are also going up at that shop. Feel free to poke the site and tell me if there are things that ought to get added to item descriptions, etc.

End object of course is to get more books written to sell, signed or not. But I have to keep trying to put groceries on the table in the meantime!

(2021. As someone I overheard put it, “It’s like 2020, only old enough to drink.”)

What are the rest of you up to to try and drag home some extra income this year? Because heck, if any of us needs to buy a Thing anyway, it’s good to circulate cash to friends and acquaintances. 😉

8 thoughts on “All Signed Books Now On Etsy

  1. As much as I love a signed book, I am not in a position to buy and store anymore. I will spread the word that you have some great stuff tho! And I do own all the kindle versions of your books! I’ll have to check the craft section…

    My save money this year goal is to not buy takeout and to cook at home. With the added benefit of improving my overall health.

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    1. *Thumbs up* Fannie Farmer is a good cookbook to start learning techniques from, but it tends to be biased toward New England style spicing of dishes. You might be interested in a copy regardless, given it covers a heck of a lot of cooking terminology and specific tools used.


  2. Have you ever considered making an Amazon wishlist that readers can access? I’m sure a lot of others here are in the same boat I am: loving the blog and your writing, wanting to chip in and help you do the work that allows us to have that enjoyment in the first place, but (for obvious reasons) not actually being in a position to do anything.

    There’s another blogger I follow who has one set up; I believe it keeps all his information anonymous, but he puts books (and occasionally other things) on there and his readers buy them for him, rather like a registry. It lets readers who get a lot from his content give back in some way – and said books usually show up in his later content anyway, so it’s definitely a win-win.

    Not saying the store isn’t awesome, because is. (I have to admit I’m snickering; I attempted to start a “Lighthouse” Etsy store many years ago before I realized college was not a good time to begin such an endeavor.) But you often mention books you’d love to get, and we’re all book fiends here. Plus it can help with occasional other essentials (I think the previously mentioned blogger has put ammo on his a couple times, because he and his followers are those kinds of geeks too).

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    1. Huh. I’ll have to look into a public wishlist. I mean, I do have a “public” Wishlist, but I’m not sure how you search those on Amazon anymore.

      As for current RL hassles which are the main thing distracting me from writing – I’m currently in the middle of emails trying to hash out who put a lockbox on the front door of the house and apparently changed the lock. Clue for you: Was not me, Sib, or the realtor we hired.


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      1. The blogger I know with an Amazon wishlist doesn’t have it searchable; it’s just a link in the sidebar of his website (which is also WordPress-based), and when you click through it appears under the “your friends” tab of your Amazon account’s lists section. If I had to guess, you could do it by hitting “invite others” and then copying the “view only” URL to embed here.

        Blargh. Good luck. Definitely keeping you in our prayers. Sometimes people just _suck_.

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      2. Edit: his list doesn’t _stay_ under the “your friends” tab; it just appears there for the one time you click through. Once you leave you have to go back through his website to access it again. So connections to a bunch of random peoples’ accounts don’t accumulate.

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  3. What are the rest of you up to to try and drag home some extra income this year?

    Erm… custom house designs, I suppose? Or any other building that needs a set of plans.

    I’ve got the M.Arch, just need a website and a pricing structure… and all the bits that go in to creating those.

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