A Long Road Chapter 2 Ficbit – Crows and Needles

He ducked, fast and to the left. Thunderous caws split the air, as black wings swept by his sore ear. Claws twice the length of a normal crow’s scraped over tender skin, almost drawing blood. “Ow! You-!”

“Shaya!” Wen Ning scolded, holding out a leather-wrapped wrist so the Burial Mounds crow could perch if it wanted to. “T-that’s not nice.”

“How can you tell that’s Shaya?” Rubbing his twice-assaulted ear, Wei Wuxian glared at the sniggering bird, then quickly scanned the treeline. Two more soaring black forms that had to be Wu li and Cubao de. Drat.

“She’s more purple.” Wen Ning held himself still as a dark beak pecked at his cheek, not breaking skin. His eyes went misty, then focused on one hapless ghost path cultivator with a look of pitiful alarm. “Master Wei! You tried to lose them last time?”

“Would I do that?” Not that he’d tried. Exactly. He’d just kind of hoped he had.

Stroking a smug black head as Shaya croaked, Wen Ning gave him an even sadder look.

Augh, I can’t, the sad is too much! “They don’t like me!”

“Sure they do,” Wen Qing’s voice rang across the clearing. “They think you’re hilarious.” She waved a hand. “Nothing around here’s going to eat us or attack us, or you two would have shredded it already. Go find us some water.”

Because the energies around here are tangled, water cloaks resentful energy, and if there’s any monsters in the water we’re the only ones strong enough to take them down, Wei Wuxian filled in silently. He tried not to roll his eyes, listening for any sound of a running stream. “We should send her looking,” he murmured to Wen Ning, stalking toward a promising soft gurgle. “Any water ghoul that went after your sister would end up a silver pincushion.”

Tossing Shaya back into the air, Wen Ning fell in behind him. “W-we can’t afford to waste the needles.”

20 thoughts on “A Long Road Chapter 2 Ficbit – Crows and Needles

    1. Because curiosity is a terrible thing I had to see if a crow version of the dolls exist and lo and behold they do. The troll dolls have always been a little creepy but these are especially so.

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  1. Bets that the crows will go after anyone else messing with WWX? He’s their funny man to tease, no one else’s! That’ll be entertaining. And likely surprise WWX, because I don’t think he’s had a relationship like that, even if it’s with very smart birds.

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Animals like Wen Ning. Rather a lot. These birds in particular.

        Wei Wuxian has not asked, because crows are naturally smart, and these are crows from the Burial Mounds, of course they’re not normal!

        (Yes, Wen Ning is definitely communicating with them, but they haven’t gotten to words yet.)

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  2. And like everything else about his settlement, if someone takes a shot at one of his crows, they will have an angry necromancer in their face. Just because he complains about them doesn’t mean anyone else gets to threaten them.

    Of course, they’d probably have an angry undead after them first.

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  3. Oh man, it’s just his luck! He has crows who think he’s fun to be around, and he thinks they don’t like him. Lan Wangji thinks Wei Wuxian is awesome, and the entire world thinks he hates him. That is just the way things go, isn’t it?

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  4. Now that it’s been established that Wen Ning is, like Wei Wuxian, a friend to all animals (though I’m sure Wei Wuxian would object to all animals liking him, i.e. Burial Mound Crows) I cannot unsee Wen Ning sitting under a tree with a menagerie of animals.

    And with all the talk of Wen Ning being Wei Wuxian’s Companion, I can just see the Companions going “he’s one of us and will fight anyone who disagrees”. The Heralds will be scratching their heads wondering which deity Wei Wuxian gained favor from to pull it off.

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