A Long Road Chapter 2 Crossover Ficbit – Different Point of View

Wen Ning’s eyes went wide. “You think Young Master Nie lied?

“If he did, Sect Leader Nie is backing it.” Wen Qing hmphed. “But if they did pull all this together just to kill us, they’ve gone to a lot of unnecessary effort. They should have just ambushed us a few days from the Burial Mounds.”

“I don’t think Sect Leader Nie lied,” Wei Wuxian reflected. Nie Huaisang, now – he’d been a friend. But nobody snuck spring-books into the Cloud Recesses without being sneakier than an oriole stalking a mantis. “Cultivators don’t always understand why ordinary folk do what they do. Even in Yunmeng, where we try. And this is a whole other kingdom, where we don’t even speak the language! It might be that no one lied.”

“They just might not know what really happened,” Wen Qing concluded. “Great.”

“If… if we can’t talk to people….” Wen Ning braced himself, obviously imagining trying to talk to total strangers. “It’ll make things… harder.”

“Oh, I can fix that,” Wei Wuxian smiled.

Wen Qing sighed.

“I’ll find a very gentle ghost,” he assured her. He didn’t hear any ghosts close by, but people lived here. There would be ghosts. “I wouldn’t let anyone cruel near A-Yuan’s mind.”

“A-Yuan?” Her fingers curled into fists. “You never said you meant to do Empathy with a child!”

He blinked, taken aback by the absolute fury on her face. Why was she surprised? It wasn’t the best solution, no, but….

“No.” Wen Qing rested her fists on her knees, white-knuckled. “No, you are not going to let a ghost-”

“I didn’t starve because I could talk.” Wei Wuxian swallowed, like gulping down shards of glass. “In Yiling. When I was a child. I was alone and hungry and fighting with the dogs for- anyway, I could speak the language. Get errands to run. Know what people were yelling at me. What if something goes wrong? What if we die? If someone takes him? If he just gets lost?”


19 thoughts on “A Long Road Chapter 2 Crossover Ficbit – Different Point of View

  1. The ability to speak the language is important. Turns you from a ‘one of them’ or ‘it’ to ‘one of us’. Even if a kid looks different it helps. WWX thinking of how everything in his life goes wrong and wanting to prepare the one most likely to survive seems pretty sensible to me WQ!

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      1. WWX is a canon sucker for all kids and A-Yuan in particular, yes. 🙂

        (Some scary necromancer, sheesh. Although the fun part of the setting is that yes, he very much is the scary necromancer Yiling Patriarch when pushed. He’d just rather not be.)

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  2. Ah, WWX’s massively trauma-filled backstory strikes again!

    I really like how you’re showing that WWX knows how clever NHS is, because he canonically figures out NHS’s revenge scheme! And he doesn’t tell anyone, not even LWJ, from what we see. He was pretty much NHS’s best friend, they knew each other pretty well. Hell, NHS decides to resurrect WWX for it and trust he won’t go on a murder spree!

    Their relationship isn’t touched on much because it’s not the focus of MDZS, but it’s so interesting. They were close, close enough that NHS resurrects WWX and trusts that he’ll start investigating the arm/sword based just on the fact that’s it’s dangerous! I really wish we got more of their friendship, but since NHS is a minor side character, I’m not too surprised.

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  3. Wen Qing is gonna get ‘i told you so’ rights later. NHS isn’t doing this for any reason she’s guessed yet, because she’s looking for malicious reasons right now, but he absolutely made the kidnapping part up to lure WWX out of the Burial Mounds. At first.

    How was HE supposed to know the country was full of semi divine not!horses that (willingly) snatch up special people??? That was NOT part of their gathered intelligence!

    It might mollify irked parties that Kellen was coming for LWJ anyway? They just saved him a very long trip through some dangerous terrain, alone. So really this is not NHS’s fault! (lols, I doubt the argument will work, but he can try?)

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  4. Oh! Using Empathy to learn a language, that’s pretty smart! And they’ll probably have a better cultural grounding then the official diplomatic team, because Empathy would give the language as the ghost knew it which would include cultural associations with the words. How often would Wei Wuxian track down a ghost? Because he may be working off the idea that the dialects may shift radically closer to the capital. So, a ghost at the border, because it gives them a basis to work off of and gives A-Yuan at the very least a primer if something happens, and then maybe catch a new ghost closer in for ‘noble nuances.’

    Wait, does this mean, is the ghost he finds a Herald?! Definitely very gentle, definitely got the central dialect, and definitely far enough off from the common people that there would still be faint cultural miscommunications. And you did say you wanted a spooky yet heartwarming first contact.

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    1. tbh, I don’t think Heralds stick around as ghosts often? Vanyel being a very note worthy exception, but they’re not gonna be anywhere near the Forest of Sorrows when they get into Valdemar since that’s the very far north of the country.

      And, in this story at least, Vathara noted that Rethwellan speaks the same language as Valdemar, so WWX might get the language/cultural context there first. Which would mean only vague ideas of what a Herald or a Companion is, probably. And possibly some hilarious/worrying misconceptions, too, given how distorted stories can get the farther from the source they get.

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  5. Oh dear, I’m starting to get the same feeling for Wei Wuxian that I got for Zuko – Someone get this kid a hug, some food, and a nap (not necessarily in that order) . . . and I will kill anyone who wakes him from said nap unless the world is literally ending.

    Might even get it worse . . . at least Zuko had Uncle Iroh . . .

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  6. Like how they already suspect that Nie Huaisang wasn’t entirely honest with them . . . which to be fair, he wasn’t being entirely honest . . . through at least he wasn’t trying to cause them harm with his plans . . . and in fairness, said plans almost immediately got derailed by certain not-horses being themselves . .

    Nie Huaisang: You know that not-horse just screwed up my plans and is going to cause me a lot of trouble.

    Someone: Oh, they excel at that, sir.

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