A Long Road Chapter 4 Ficbit – Language

“Meigui,” their foundling insisted, muffled by Wen Qing’s robes. “Why do you have to keep talking to bad men?”

Stroking coppery hair, Wen Qing gave him a look.

Wei Wuxian raised an eyebrow right back. Why was Meigui only wanting to speak Jianghu his fault?

All right, technically the fact that she could speak it so well this quickly was his fault. But who could resist such a lonely little face? She was scared enough already surrounded by strangers, though Granny and Wen Ning were working on that. On top of that they had horses. Big, trained but sometimes nervous horses, handled by people who didn’t all know horses no matter how hard they were trying. It was better for everyone if Meigui understood stop no matter what language it was shouted in.

Not to mention the minor little detail that Meigui already had at least one spirit root, and a few open meridians, and Rethwellan didn’t even have a word for those. Or golden core. Or even qi itself. Something had to be done.

And that was such an odd pattern for meridians to open in. One main grouping, the rest so thin her system might never have cleared. We need to have her meditating regularly, so she can circulate her qi and open all her meridians properly. That’s hard enough to explain to tiny disciples even when we all speak the same language!

And at least in Jianghu their foundling would call herself Rosebud instead of Thorn; after the dried méigui Wen Qing used in her first dose of qi-cleansing tea. It had to be better for a child to want to be something that healed, rather than a weapon to rip and tear and bleed.

Wei Wuxian knew wanting to be a weapon, to hurt those who’d hurt you; hurt you so deeply you weren’t sure you wanted to live. From the flickers she’d shared of her memories, the bandits had known she was special. That her family had been taking her to Valdemar, to some kind of school for medical training. She’d been valuable, so they’d kept her alive. The rest of her family – hadn’t been.

14 thoughts on “A Long Road Chapter 4 Ficbit – Language

  1. Oh, Méigui is a Healer. That’s. Wow. I see why she hadn’t been sold yet.

    And so interesting that her spirit roots and meridians lend themselves to Talents! Of course if I understand the way power is set up in this crossover that makes sense. Makes sense. And also makes a ton of sense about the core transfer. (Which is what makes crossovers for Wei Wuxian so difficult. I love this chaotic gremlin so much.)

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  2. Awww poor kid. After all that speaking in the language of the people who saved her might be easier then her native one at the moment.

    I’m glad she’s with Wen Qing, if shes showing a healing gift at sevenish then she must be pretty strong and I don’t want to think of the consequences of the healing gift going rouge due to trauma.

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  3. I’ve been reading the Valdemar fanfic “Friends Across Borders” compulsively so I no longer remember what is canon and what is fanfic; but a talent that was notable in a young child is destined to become powerful as an adult.
    Why did those bandits starve little Rosebud? If they were planning to sell her shouldn’t they see that she is as well fed and treated as possible. So much for WWX plan to learn a new language and develop familiarity by talking to the child in her own language.

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    1. Young talents being strong is pretty canon; unless you run into a mess like Vanyel’s where stuff’s been blasted open later.

      As for why – because bandits. They kept her alive. Anything beyond that, shrug. (Also it’s possible she may have been refusing to eat anything from the men who killed her family, because Bad Men.)


    2. Also, using talents is, if I recall correctly, using your OWN energy, as opposed to mages who pull energy from outside themselves. You then have to replace that energy, which means extra food, so what might be sufficient for a person doing just ordinary levels of work, is not sufficient for someone working with talents. Someone regularly using a talent, without compensating with enough extra nutrition could easily become malnourished fairly quickly as the energy for the talent starts being drawn from their body’s reserves.

      Bandits are not likely to know this or to care if they did.

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      1. Again, if I remember right, Healers are trained to do as much with actual medicines and surgery as possible to save their energy for emergencies – fix immediately or dead patient- and those things that can only be fixed with Talent. Another good reason for Wen Qing to take charge of the newest addition’s medical training.

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  4. Huh. I had been assuming that the kid handed off to him by the ghost was the ghost’s daughter. But she isn’t? Just a Talented kid whose family was just passing through town before getting killed by the bandits?

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  5. “Why do you have to keep talking to bad men?”

    “Well, Wen Ning keeps talking to me, and it would be rude to ignore him…”


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    1. My familiarity with the Cultivators is limited to what I’ve read in this Xover so far, but I still have a strong sense that, rather than “Hey!”, WWX would find himself at the intersection of two sets of Sad Puppy Eyes. Meigui would probably add “Big Brother Wen Ning isn’t bad, not even a little!”

      WWX would surrender immediately. WN would probably melt. WQ would wait until she had privacy and ROTFLMAO.

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