14 thoughts on “Gateway to Fiction Up In Paperback Now

      1. I got my copies yesterday instead of Monday when Amazon said they would arrive, Iā€™m looking forward to reading it.

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  1. Just bought the, heheh, ‘dead tree version’. I look forward to reading it properly.

    (That moniker keeps making me snicker)


  2. Awesome! Getting it as soon as I can; I’ve been waiting for this one with baited breath. (Might help with my double case of writing’s block, for one thing….)

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    1. *G*

      Though, ‘bated’. It’s ‘bated breath’, see Shakespeare. Although from bits I’ve read on the web “baited” has been used so often it’ll become the default correct usage to the despair of etymologists everywhere….

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      1. Gah. Thanks for the correction; I think that’s one of those phrases I’ve more heard than read (I think Shakespeare is awesome; my brain, however, does not like script format, and balks at reading the originals as a result). I do hate when words become “correct” simply based on volume of misuse. If I see one more person using “literally” when they mean “figuratively”….

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