Currently Reuploading Gateway to Fiction Text

I’m uploading rveision now! *Headdesks* No matter how careful, you can never quite catch all the typos…. TAG just caught bits I missed, about 6 very tiny typo daemons.

For example: “The measuring snake of Chines wuxia…” (Augh, my missing e!)

“One bit from these plush little menaces” <- Should be “bite”. (Although bit would technically kinda work.)

And Phosis River one place where I meant Phasis….

*Deep sigh.*

So. Yeah. Fixed, uploaded eVersion, right this moment uploading fixed print version.

“Why can’t things ever go smooth….”

Edit: Kindle revision now up. Oy, my betraying fingers!

8 thoughts on “Currently Reuploading Gateway to Fiction Text

  1. I feel your pain. There’s a reason I typically have to re-upload three–or more–chapters of Monochrome Duet every time I post a fresh chapter. Years down the line, typos and inconsistencies still rear their ugly heads.

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  2. At least you caught them before they hit print. Still, you do a much better job self editing then some of the professional editors have done in books I’ve read recently.

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