6 thoughts on “Gateway to Fiction Revised, Back Up

  1. Never let the MC decide what to take through the gate. Or, to put it as I am in the first chapter of a new idea:

    “Now that you’ve all eaten and had a bit of a breather, we’re going to go over everything again. Because we know from experience that most of you weren’t listening the first time.”

    One guy stood, looking indignant. “Hey, you tricked us into fighting real monsters. We could have died!”

    A sardonic eyebrow rose. “Tricked? ‘You’re invited to a world of adventure! Kill monsters, gain progression, earn rewards! Once you pass through our proprietary portal into a new world of danger and excitement, you won’t believe it’s not real!’ What part of that would fall under ‘false advertising’? Be specific.”

    “Nobody would believe-”

    “You still have legends of the marauding fair folk, warnings not to step into toadstool rings, enter Underhill, sup with those of the Otherworld, and all the other folklore.” Our instructor gave us a condescending look. . . .

    (There’s a reason the Terrans were tricked into coming and fighting. It’s not a kind or nice reason, at least not for them, but it ties into our myths of the dawn of time, when a hero might swim for seven days straight, then only lose the race because he was a attacked by nine vicious sea serpents.)

    Because if the protagonist knows what’s coming, not preparing is suicidal.


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      1. The nasty part . . . the local mortals expect the conscripts to accumulate enough battle fatigue that those who survive still stop progressing before they become a threat to the status quo. The ones who don’t quit, _they_ are as much a threat as the encroaching cosms of Underhill.


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  2. Bought and downloaded.

    I have a little money again budgeted for stuff. I hadn’t wanted to buy, because I have no time to read properly.

    Then the revision stuff was mentioned. So, bought as soon as that resolved.

    Thanks again.

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