Find the Southern Toad!

Let’s have some early-summer sun!

I swear there’s a toad in this picture.

And here it is!

We have at least 2 separate hatchings of toadlets out there; some currently small enough to perch on your pinkie nail, others that might overlap your thumbnail. They like burrowing into slightly wet sandy soil. Sand, we got; this place is actually an ancient set of beach dunes, at least a million or so years back.

The grayish-green spiky plant in the center is beach rosemary, aka Florida rosemary or false rosemary, Conradina canescens. Bees love it, it’s pretty, hardy, and nigh unkillable drought-wise, and it’s native… but don’t plant it if you want grass nearby. It doesn’t like grass. Actively. The plants release terpenes that make grass very unhappy indeed.

And we have native orchids, too! This is some species of ladies’ tresses; the wind was not cooperative with photography that day. Also a bee favorite.

This one was up the slope a bit, where it was drier and warmer, so you can see it went to seed a few days faster.

And this is some kind of grass, I don’t know what. Just that the flower/seedhead looked kind of like a spiky pineapple, and so interesting.

So! An interlude of green. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Find the Southern Toad!

  1. Whoot, I saw it!

    …after I thought the large, whiteish spot below and to the left was it, then I saw the leaf-stem across that and went “wait, THAT ROCK!”

    Our milkweed, from three packs of seeds, has settled into fewer than a dozen little sprouts. Hoping they manage to get established, I found a perfect spot for it…..

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