Toad-ally Fun

Yep, more fun with pictures. Toads have good cammo!

And here’s the critter.

No idea what this grassy plant is, but it looks really neat.

So many of the local wildflowers are tiny. As in less than aspirin size tiny.

And taking pictures of them takes practice and no little luck. Otherwise the darn camera autofocuses on the bigger background items, not the tiny purple flowers you’re trying to get pics of.

So. Some sunlight in advance of the likely Tropical Depression. Which is going to hit just after the 3-Mile Bridge has reopened.

Have to admit I’m wondering if the bridge will stay open….

6 thoughts on “Toad-ally Fun

  1. Pretty!
    Unrelated but have you read “Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell”?
    It’s a very good book and it has a very good representation of the old fairies, and their inhuman nature. How having one decide they like you can be just as dangerous as offending one.
    I definitely recommend it

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  2. Got lucky this morning and the kids found one that had lovely camo, but was in the wrong place.

    BRIGHT RED playground equipment.

    He survived being “saved” quite well. (after I forbid anyone but the eldest three touch him, the youngest brother dumped out his sister’s water cup and DIDN’T TOUCH the toad as he carried almost-palm-sized guy to the marshy forest spot nearby. 😀

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