A Long Road Chapter 6 Ficbit – Bending Rules

Dirk started at the mental image Lan Wangji offered them both. A Jianghu woman walking through a rough-built village; robes cut like the Nies, only far simpler and plainer muted browns and dark gray. Her hair was pulled back with a wooden comb, carved with a plum blossom. She would have been pretty, even beautiful….

Then she turned, dodging an older man with a limp, and ducked her head – but not before Lan Wangji had seen the brand scarring one cheek. A near-round shape of many petals Dirk suddenly knew as well as he knew foreign heraldry.

:The Jin peony. Sparks-in-Snow.: Fury came with that thought, and pain. :That is a spiritual brand. The scar cannot be healed; not with time, not with magic. Before that day I had only seen such brands used by the Wen. On their enemies.:

The cultivator withdrew behind his shields again, mind leaking rage and guilt before it sealed. Dirk shook himself, and glanced to be sure Elcarth had not been lost in that horror.

The historian looked alert, if thin-lipped with fury. “One of ours is scarred like that, from Hulda’s clutches. To brand another human being, as if they were no more than property, livestock to be slaughtered-!”

Privately Dirk agreed with every fuming word of that. But for now, he had to focus. “That wasn’t the prison camp.”

“A night-hunt took me close to a town between sects, where the Wen Remnant had sought refuge in a… perilous place.” Lan Wangji glanced away. “I violated the Elders’ orders and went to see.”

Huh. He’s dodging about- WHAT? “Are you telling me no one knows what happened except the Jin’s word,” Dirk sputtered, “and your Elders ordered you not to even find out?

Lan Wangji looked between the two of them, ice over turmoil. “What is black and what is white? What is good, and what evil? How can a man know what is right, and act, when he knows all swords will rise against him?”

Dirk nodded slowly, feeling the shape of the misery under that rage. :Sister?:

:Kellen is asking,: his Companion reported. :Patience.:

“How can a man act,” Lan Wangji whispered at last, “and why could I not?”

Oh gods. Bright Lady, how long has this been gnawing at him?

Dirk rested his hands on Elcarth’s little table, careful not to disturb a pile of texts on the reign of King Randale. “You know, my wife wasn’t born a hero.”

Lan Wangji barely blinked. “Herald Talia?”

“The first time I saw her,” Dirk recalled, “she was just a confused girl on Rolan’s back. Hardly more than a little herself. Holderkin – we found out from Talia they hadn’t even let their children know leaving the Holds was an option. A girl married who her elders picked, or she became one of their veiled priestesses. That was it. Talia didn’t want either, but she didn’t see any way out.” He smiled. “Only there was this lost horse. Surely it wasn’t bending the Elders’ rules too much if she just rode over to the next Holding to return him?”

15 thoughts on “A Long Road Chapter 6 Ficbit – Bending Rules

  1. Yay, Dirk!! Lan Wangji needs this so badly, poor man. And if Dirk ends up breaking a few things after he leaves the room, who’s to know…?

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  2. Oh, oh, Lan Wangji needs to know that someone can talk to him about rules, and what to do when you change situations about them. This may not be exactly his, but it’s close. And Dirk doesn’t even know the half of it, where someone did act, did say ‘no, this is wrong,’ and who he is to Lan Wangji.

    Liked by 5 people

    1. They likely have already guessed someone broke the prisoners out. When they find out who it was, and that it’s LWJ’s soulmate? Now that’s going to be fun.

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  3. Lan Wangji is a good man.
    He tries so hard to do the right thing and he agonizes more over failing to live up to what is right than the times he was literally tortured.
    I hope he gets help soon.

    Liked by 3 people

  4. I’m imagining Lan Zhan’s thought processes through all this as something like:

    These people are strange, but good and kind.
    I know someone who is strange, but good and kind, he might be safe here.
    How do I go about testing this?
    Let’s present them with the situation and see if their hypothetical actions match his.

    Lan Zhan the scientist.

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    1. That’s at least half of it. The other half trying to get a baseline of what ethics mean around here, where they have honestly divine help.

      …He plans to break the “necromancer” part very, very gently.

      (It’s Lan Zhan. That probably won’t go as well as he hopes….)

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      1. Come on this is Wei Wuxian, he’s going to do something big and flashy and crazy that WORKS (and also makes it clear that he’s a necromancer) and the Herald’s are just.gonna be like “That’s your boy?!?!”

        I just wanna know which Herald is gonna skip right over the necromancer part to “And he’s a pirate?!” With glee

        Liked by 3 people

      2. To be fair, he has no clue Wei Wuxian is on his way, planning to “rescue” him. He’s probably be trying to speed up his careful introduction if he had any clue. He thinks his only time limit is what might be happening back home.

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  5. Oh Lan Zhan, honey. The fact that he is this good, and this big pixture ethical in the society he was raised is shocking honestly.

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