21 thoughts on “A Long Road Chapter 6 up on AO3

  1. How salty is LWJ going to be when he realizes that NHS saw the problem with the Wen, did something about even if it wasn’t for entirely altruistic reasons, and it worked? Sure it gets him WWX in the end but if LWJ is guilty about not having helped enough that has to sting.

    Wen Ning vs giant snake was awesome. I wonder how much of that thing the Wens can harvest for medical and/or other purposes.

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  2. Love the chapter. I think the giant snake was a magic construct without a corporate body otherwise the locals should have noticed. That tower has probably been dormant since before the current townspeople moved in as they don’t have any stories about it.

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  3. I find it funny that WWX’s reaction to the ruined tower that has no doubt been a focal point for all kinds of resentful energies, curses, ancient magic etc etc; is “Man, this will be a great place to set up my workshop”.

    Granted it’s not that different from some D&D campaigns I’ve read about.
    “Alright, we’ve defeated the Big Bad Evil Guy of the week and cleared out his Tower of Doom. You know what this means?”
    “Free real estate?”
    “Oh hells yeah.”

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    1. Well, it’s reasonably far away from everyone else and it’s made of stone. Pretty good for someone who makes things explode in the name of Research!

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      1. /Exactly! Wen Qing and, well, everybody would rather he blew up somewhere like that instead./
        Though they probably hope he doesn’t blow this place up. He’d survive but there are only so many abandoned towers and forgotten caves in the region.

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  4. /But Wen Chao died at my hands, and not even his ghost would dare come back!/

    I would say especially not as a ghost.

    “I was murdered!”

    “Why don’t you haunt your killer?”

    “He’s a necromancer. He was bad enough when I was alive, I have no idea what he could do to me as a ghost!”

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    1. It seems he might think so, because he thinks the mercs should be bored as hell and restless. Thus, since they only follow money/danger, they can’t be staying willingly. Joke’s on him if he runs into one, or even Kero herself!

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  5. It turns out that “now” is a good time for me to go back to the beginning of A Long Road to refresh my memory of the details of the story so far 😀

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