A Brilliance of Bees

And flowers, and all sorts of things. Let’s have some reminders of lovely things in the world, actively avoided by the evening news.

Leafcutter bee! Or something related, at least; maybe a digger or mason bee. There’s a lot of bees out there.

Blue-eyed grass. I think. No, that’s not my hand, it’s someone much steadier with a camera, because the flowers are tiny.

Look carefully for the dragonfly. Camouflaged for ambush!

Skipper butterfly! This one appears to have already suffered a bird-strike at the little “tails” on the wings, meant to mimic a second head and so distract a predator, that the butterfly might live to fly another day.

Look carefully for the water. You wouldn’t want to walk out there without waterproof boots!

And a bit of brilliant sky!

Take a deep breath, everyone. We need it….


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