Biophilia For a Restless Mind

I really like how I got the leaf texture on this pic.

Lemon flower buds. There’s a lemon currently ripening on the plant, will probably need several more months to be lemonade-worthy.

Sprouts of Florida betony, sometimes called rattlesnake plant because the white tubers are shaped a bit like a rattlesnake’s rattle. They can be cooked and used as a water chestnut substitute.

It always amazes me how treefrogs can just stick sideways to gravity.

Monarch in stealth mode! This one was looking for a place to hide out and pupated hours later.

A male brown anole who likes the window ledge as a place to hang out and display. Apparently it does let him – ahem – get some, given the female behavior we’ve seen.

(And there are lots of little lizards around. So.)


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