Earring Tales: Party Princess

Behold the power of fuchsia!

It’s been a rough several weeks, I’m hoping people would like something party-glittery to make them feel better….

Two main reasons I haven’t been making so many earrings lately: First, was hanging onto writing the draft for Oni by the skin of my teeth sometimes. Second….

Anybody else having problems with the USPS lately?

Seriously, no less than 3 times in the past few months I’ve sold a pair of earrings, mailed them – and they disappear. Poof. “In transit”. Each and every time I’ve had to file a “missing package” report with their website to get them to look for the darn thing. They all turned up eventually, but it took weeks. When you’re supposed to ship to the seller within 2 weeks at most.

Fortunately I’ve had an understanding buyer each time. But… gah. It’s not exactly a high-profit thing to make when everything goes right. If I have to spend several extra hours every time tracking the package down? It’s really not profitable.

Frustrating. Very frustrating.

Party Princess earrings.


6 thoughts on “Earring Tales: Party Princess

  1. I recently had a package get returned before it arrived due to damage.
    First time I’ve had that happen.

    Now I’m wondering if I should re-order or if Amazon will just repackage my order and send it again.

    Between the USPS and Amazon, the messages are mixed.

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  2. It seems to be based on regional stuff– the Des Moines hub, for example, is working at above- expected quality.

    …the local post office has also not had masks for a full year, now, even the chin-cover sort. Knowing what oxygen dep does to folks even when it’s *not* hot and humid, that’s my instant thought.

    But family and friends on the coasts are ALL reporting really horrible, random, “did they hire the Scarecrow before he got a brain?” level derps in their USPS situations.

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