Quick Note on Ida and Evacuations

If you need to get out of the storm path, and you’re calling hotels, they’re going to ask if anyone’s tested positive for COVID. If you tell them someone has, they will not let you get a room. No, not even if it’s an emergency.

Plan accordingly.

8 thoughts on “Quick Note on Ida and Evacuations

      1. They’ve been advising people who are not yet vaccinated to go get their first shot at least before evacuating. “It’s not too late!”

        Regardless on one’s opinion on the vaccines themselves, feeling really cruddy and wiped out is a well known and publicly acknowledged common side effect. Just what people need when they’re dealing with an emergency.

        A less well known issue, but still acknowledged by the vaccine makers, is the temporary suppression of the immune system while the shot kicks in. Also just what people need when going to crowded shelter.

        (And if you have major adverse reaction that puts you in the hospital….)

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