A Long Road Chapter 8 Ficbit – What You Don’t Know

:That’s her, I know something but I’m not going to mention it because family, look,: Daren murmured. :Probably something from the Shin’a’in. Her grandmother Tarma was Swordsworn, and they do count as priestesses.:

And the Shin’a’in apparently knew cultivators well enough to trade with them. Meaning their priests might well know how cultivators dealt with ghosts, and how dangerous Wei Wuxian really was. Or wasn’t.

See about sending a message to the Plains, ask if one of them would be willing to visit, Selenay made a mental note, as she glanced around the table to read her Heralds’ faces again. If our priests can help with blood-magic’s leavings, maybe they know even more.

Talia was turning her cup around again, lost in thought. Selenay waited, holding up a hand for silence when Alberich and Kero both looked like they were about to pounce.

“…I don’t think Wei Wuxian is using their spirits,” Talia said at last. Glanced at them, apparently reading disbelief as easily off their faces as she did with her Gift. “I know, Lan Wangji thinks he is. But – the look on her face. The ghost bride. Bright Lady, how many ghosts do they have that they have to classify them by how dangerous they are…. Wei Wuxian didn’t order her not to strike. He just asked her to wait. And she chose to listen.”

“Lan Wangji, an experienced cultivator is,” Alberich observed.

“Yes, he is. But he also told us that no one else has purified blood-tainted soil before.” Talia swept her gaze around the table. “Whatever Wei Wuxian’s done, it’s new to the sects. It has to be! Wen Ruohan was over a century old; the strongest, most learned cultivator any of them knew. Don’t you think he would have stopped Wei Wuxian’s ghosts if he could?”

Dirk tapped a finger against the table, as if calculating what he knew about Gifts against what he’d learned from their guests. “That… makes sense. Oh, Wangji’s field-experienced,” he added, at Alberich’s frown. “I have no doubt he knows everything about handling Jianghu monsters, more magic than any of us dreamed of, and more swordsmanship than most of our Heralds and Guard put together. But he’s not a first disciple.”

Selenay drew her brows together, considering everything her Heralds had reported about that odd sect position. “Wei Wuxian’s not just a sword expert. He’s… their equivalent to a Gifts instructor?” Oh, that made a frightening amount of sense. “Meaning he’d have the knowledge you would need to invent entirely new uses for their cultivation.”

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  1. This is the kind of thing that makes me think one day in the future when Firesong and the Artificers are having the magic is art/science debate Wei Ying will be in the back playing devil’s advocate for both sides until they’re both worn down and go ” In conclusion it’s both”😄

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    1. Well, yes. You don’t know all the laws of reality; you can’t. Art comes in when you intuit what you don’t know – and especially when you’re going for specific effects.

      After all, Impressionists and Abstract Expressionists are using the same tools of paint, color, shape, and form – but the end results are very different!

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  2. I’m now imagining NZH, first disciple of the Nie, being like: yes but… not every first disciple is WWX… he’s also “attempt the impossible” Jiang.

    I love seeing the Valdemar people trying to make sense of events and getting some things more clearly from the outsider perspective and missing overs for the same reason.

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    1. Oh, gads, I have seen discussions like that.

      One side: “Well, of course he did that, he’s a MacSmith!”
      Other side: “Wait, what? Where’d that come from? I thought he was a Jones! And you said something about his mother being a Brown?”
      First side: “His mother’s mother, of course. Couldn’t you tell? So of course he did that.”
      Other side: “…Why?”
      First side, now really confused: “Because that’s what a MacSmith DOES?”

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  3. lols, close! But WWX is /creative/ in a way most First Disciples are not, in a once in several generations kind of way. And he applies it.

    Which doesn’t seem to happen among the sects as much? They are much more ‘stick with what works’ and ‘tradition says-‘.

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      1. Which also lines up with how they treat WWX.

        If every attempt at innovation has a chance of driving the inventor insane, then somebody who innovates over and over would seem like a ticking time bomb.
        Especially when his “field” is renown for crazy lunatics.

        A lot of people in the campaign might be thinking “We have to pay close attention to what he’s doing, both so we can use it and also we know how to counter it when he inevitably goes off the deep end.”

        And since he lost his sect and got separated from his allies, there wasn’t anybody telling him to dial it back, or helping him with traditional methods.

        People were already expecting him to be getting increasingly unhinged, so when he started getting framed, it played right into their expectations.

        The perfect lie is showing people what they expect to see.

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      2. He had Wen Qing, so at least had expert medical capability at hand. And I assume she was making plans for founding Sect Wei, if WWX had survived. Masters of the fourth way of handling fierce corpses: Mollify, to be inserted after Purify. Experts in magic, medicine, and the ghost path, and their spiritual cultivation isn’t going to be anything to sneer at either.

        The trick would be keeping it all together for a generation. Something Jin obviously had no intention of allowing.


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      3. If JYL had insisted on visiting WWX at the Burial Mounds before settling down, he might well have convinced her that she didn’t really want the Jin marriage, since the guy keeps negging her. Certainly Wen Qing would have done her best to convince Jiang Yanli to stay, since WWX listens to her when he doesn’t listen to anyone else, and keeping WWX alive, healthy, and sane is one of her top priorities.

        I’ve written a few notes for how that might go, but it sinks the ship with LWJ (WWX is convinced he’s hated at this point), so I’d hesitate to post anything in defiance of the yaoi fans.


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      4. Regarding the proposed fix-it that you say would kill the relationship between LWJ and WWX: Go ahead if it’s *in* your head, it’s fanfic, you write what you want, no canon relationships are sacred in fanfic!

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      5. I’m trying to get original fiction written, which puts fanfic on the back-burner.

        In any event, I’m definitely getting influenced by Untamed’s take on Wen Qing (I’m currently in the 20s, there), where she has a heart of gold under a thick coating of ruthlessness-to-protect-family-branch. So as soon as they establish themselves in the Burial Mound, she starts planning for the long term.

        It’s not viable to keep the name Wen, so she’s planning for Sect Wei. Which needs enough non-Wen influence to have it be the reality that They Aren’t Wen, a generation from now. Unfortunately, WWX doesn’t have a golden core anymore, so while he has a lot of teaching experience as Jiang’s First Disciple for several years as a teenager (he’s now about 20, given when Qing would be plotting this), he’s got issues when it comes to helping Wei’s next generation learn to cultivate. Sure, she can mitigate a lot of the problems with qi deviations, but there are still going to be issues.

        There’s also the problem of where the next generation is going to come from. Every source that WWX might adopt from, Jiang Cheng is already tapping in order to revive Sect Jiang. And the fact that A-Yuan seems to be the _only_ child with Sect-Wei-to-be suggests that the Wen prisoners were abused to the point of sterilization. Not that the Burial Mound is going to be the healthiest place to have children. And of course a lot of them are just too old to make babies.

        I assume Wen Qing was able to keep that from happening to herself, because medical cultivation Master, internal alchemy, etc. But her ability to aid fellow prisoners would be limited, especially with Jin being gleefully abusive. And the refugees who came to the Burial Mounds later tend to be either abused by Jin, or scarred survivors of demon/corpse/god attacks.

        So she’s already planning to have children by WWX, once she has their respective health up sufficiently, because the two of them are just about the only viable young adults in Sect Wei. But she hasn’t told him about this yet, because she doesn’t want him running off in panic. Also, if a Wen is WWX’s wife, it’ll be harder to sell that this is Sect Wei, especially with Jin propaganda already at work.

        Then – the definite point of divergence – Jiang Yanli shows up to visit before accepting the re-proposal by Jin Zixuan.

        Now, Wen Qing _remembers_ Jin Zixuan. How he’s an asshole. How he negged JYL whenever he talked about her in the Cloud Recesses. How he and WWX came to blows over that. And she’s Wen: Family is _important_ to her cultivation philosophy. Jin Zixuan has all too many red flags of ‘bad husband’.

        She also sees that JYL is able to make Wei Wuxian look after himself to a degree no one else can. And he _listens_ to her. Requests relayed through JYL are far more likely to be heeded. So his health is suddenly improving a lot faster than Wen Qing was originally planning for.

        It doesn’t take more than a few days before Wen Qing is _determined_ to keep JYL with Sect Wei, simply for her WWX wrangling expertise. But wait, there’s more!: JYL has whatever Madame Yu taught of her of Sect Yu. JYL knows Jiang cultivation. And after some gentle questioning, Wen Qing becomes convinced that the only reason JYL never cultivated up to golden core was that she saw that Jiang Cheng was jealous of how WWX was a prodigy (Jiang Cheng being of the ‘I’m going to be the best cultivator!’ ambition/arrogance/jealousy, without the needed talent), so slowed her own cultivation in order to let her little brother pass her up.

        In other words, Wen Qing is convinced that JYL can cultivate to acceptable standards if motivated to, while bringing in some much-needed non-Wen cultivation to Sect Wei.

        When WWX speaks of his dislike of Jin Zixuan, Wen Qing makes sure to support him, albeit not so obviously that JYL gets suspicious. And when the two ladies are talking alone and it comes out that Jiang Cheng likes the idea of a familial alliance with Jin, Wen Qing hints at him ‘using up’ JYL like he did WWX.

        Which lets her reveal that WWX gave up his golden core for JC’s sake, since ‘that’s what the Jiang parents would have wanted’. Which thoroughly pisses Jiang Yanli off, because she _knows_ it’s really what _Madame Yu_ would have wanted, WWX sacrificing all his potential for her little brother’s sake!

        It doesn’t take much persuading after that, for JYL to decide on an extended stay as a guest disciple.

        WWX doesn’t admit the following, but: He was half-convinced he’d never see JYL again, because of his exile from Jiang. Instead she’s here every day! It’s like the best parts of living in Lotus Pier. Except – and he _definitely_ doesn’t say this, _ever_ – it’s like the best parts of living in Lotus Pier _without_ having Madame Yu be an angry harridan at him every day. And without Jiang Cheng being a jealous asshole every day.

        Yiling is even close enough to Lotus Pier for a certain amount of smuggling in the comforts of home.

        (Now if only LWJ didn’t hate his guts . . .)

        Wen Qing gives careful orders that any messages from Jiang that reach Yiling go to _her_ (to keep any Jiang summons from reaching JYL). Since Yiling is ‘unofficially’ under the protection of the Yiling Patriarch, and everyone knows Wen Qing is highly ranked in the Burial Mounds, she’s able to pull that off.

        Wei Wuxian’s health is improving at a much more pleasing rate. Wen Qing pulls Jiang Yanli aside for a frank discussion on the future of Sect Wei.

        One: They’re the only two women of Sect Wei who can bear children in reasonable safety for the next several years.

        Two: The men who try to join, mostly pansy-ass would-be sorcerers, get scared off by the ghost brides and the ghost general.

        Three: Meaning Wei Wuxian is the only viable breeding male in this generation for Sect Wei.

        Four: And _look_ at that bloodline! Genius, prodigy, and good looks all in one package. (Something, something, devastating smile, etc.) Not to mention how he’s gentle, sweet, and good-natured, when no one needs to die.

        Five: Wen Qing _cannot_ be seen as WWX’s wife. She doesn’t want to so much as be acknowledged as a consort or even a concubine. The Wen name is _that_ toxic, these days.

        Six: But Jiang Yanli remains a ‘righteous’ cultivator. Although since she’s already 23-24, if she wants to have children she probably needs to start soon.

        Seven: WWX was five or so when adopted. Wen Qing has already confirmed that they don’t have much ‘raised as siblings’ hangups, because she can assess qi flows pretty well.

        Eight: What they’ve got are ‘Madame Yu despised you both and threw you boat under the boat for Jiang Cheng’ hangups.

        Nine: Which at least gives them a mutual issue to cry about into each other’s shoulders.

        JYL definitely needs time to think it over. But at least the notion of WWX marrying her doesn’t make her remember being insulted over and over by the man her mother sold her off to.

        Guanyin have mercy, WWX really _does_ have an amazing smile, doesn’t he? What would kissing it be like?

        Apparently enough of a surprise to make him fall over. Which isn’t all that surprising itself, if he’s been living in Madame Yu’s shadow just as much as she has. But it’s time to drag him over to talk to Wen Qing.

        Wei Wuxian isn’t convinced this will work. Wen Qing taps his chest in just the right spot to pressure-point him into sudden wood. Even if you need time to adjust to the idea, you can already perform your husbandly duties, and you’re healthy enough to get both women pregnant.


        Yes. We _need_ the next generation, and the three of us are the only ones who can safely be productive for the next few years. Three sets of triplets each and Sect Wei will have a future, even though we’ll be a small sect for a few generations.

        JYL: *eyes very wide* Three sets of triplets _each_?

        Weng Qing: There are enough Wen living in the Burial Mound to be grandparents, aunts, and uncles to the little ones. They’re already having minor issues with sharing A-Yuan, Wen philosophy is more family-focused than other sects, they’ll be happier with more children to care for. Even if we’re having to sacrifice the Wen name, we’ll be family and keep alive the best parts of Wen. . . . If we get more damaged refugees, which we probably will, plan on more babies.

        WWX & JYL: Uh . . .

        Wen Qing: Hello? Medical cultivation master over here. The pregnancies will be easier on us than for most women having just one at a time.

        WWX: They call me the Yiling patriarch, but I’m not actually in charge of anything, am I?

        Wen Qing: Don’t be silly. Your _responsibilities_ are in charge. I’m just helping you understand them so that you can carry them out. And remember, if she doesn’t walk away from this conversation as Wei Yanli, Jin Zixuan is waiting and Jiang Cheng is going to pressure Jiang Yanli until she gives in and marries a man who despises her as much as Madame Yu despised her father.

        WWX: *visibly thinks about it* . . . *takes WYL’s hand* Is this truly what you’d rather have?

        Wei Yanli: Is it even a question, at this point? *shy smile* Can we practice kissing more?

        WWX: Never thought my first kiss would be . . . okay, but even if we’re going to pretend otherwise, *takes Wen Qing’s hand as well* if you’re going to have my children, you _are_ my wife as well, at least in secret.

        Wei Qing: *blinks, surprised by how much that affects her* It _must_ stay secret, for the good of Sect Wei, but . . . I think . . . as you wish, husband. Oh, and if LWJ works up the nerve to approach you, I can help you two cultivate children with each other, if you want.

        WWX: Lan Zhan hates me.

        Wei Qing: *rolls her eyes* Wait and see.

        WWX: Okay, Lan Zhan aside, I can make a list of what we’ll need to smuggle from Lotus Pier for the Jiang part of the ceremony. What about what Wen is going to want? Obviously Sect Wei is going to blend the customs, where we can, even if we have to be subtle about Wen influence.

        Wei Qing: I can get what we need from Yiling, faster than you can smuggle from Lotus Pier. If we keep things simple, we can make our vows in about a week. Which is just enough time for me to prepare our bodies for dual cultivation, as long as no new disaster hits.

        Wei Wuxian: How much preparation do we need-?

        Wei Qing: You are the first resentful cultivator in recorded history. You need _all_ the preparation, just to make sure you can dual cultivate without qi deviation.

        Wei Yanli: Listen to your doctor, husband. *traces his lips with her free hand, smiling back at him* As long as we can practice kissing, before the ceremony.

        Wei Wuxian: And you two won’t get jealous of each other?

        Wei Qing: As long as you don’t neglect either of us . . . I’ll make sure your health is up to it. Beyond that . . . just because we’re married, doesn’t mean we’ll stop being tremendously busy, establishing Sect Wei. There won’t be _time_ to get jealous.

        I’m convinced that WWX is bisexual, so even if he misses LWJ a great deal, he’s still able to love his wives.

        From there, it’d be the tremendous task of protecting the Wen remnant, while dissolving them into Sect Wei, establishing enough new cultivation that they can be seen as a genuine new sect, performing the research needed to counter and undo Wen puppetry, WWX inventing a thousand medical talismans under WQ’s direction to handle the minor stuff that keeps popping up . . .

        Establishing a territory officially under the protection of Sect Wei, despite everything Jin and Jiang do to destroy it. (Jiang Cheng didn’t react well to the marriage.) (WWX hates having to fight Jiang and does his best to avoid killing them when he can.)

        Probably a number of wars of conquest, with Sect Wei blamed every time they fail to be exterminated.

        Figuring out resentful cultivation with sabers in time to save Nie Mingjue’s life, securing Nie support for Sect Wei. Managing to unseal Whatever as part of that.

        LWJ is _so_ relieved to hear that WWX is cultivating with Whatever again.

        Oh, and trying to fight WWX when he has a working saber as well as the Seal? Yeah, forget about it. Jin doesn’t have _nearly_ enough money or debts to call in to get anyone to go up against _that_ tier of nonsense, especially with Nie dropping their grudge.

        Eventually making twins with LWJ. (WQ and WYL agree that watching is its own kind of interesting. And later, it’s funny to see pregnant WWX try to match LWJ in stoically not complaining.)

        Arguments over which instruments are better for musical cultivation.

        I don’t like the modern ‘battle of the bands’ nonsense, but there may be some musical dueling.

        New musical techniques worked out and shared with Lan, increasing their ability to interact with ghosts.

        Convincing Lan that ‘mollify’ has a legitimate place after ‘purify’ in the stages of dealing with fierce corpses. An ongoing debate.

        The slice of life of a couple dozen highly-intelligent cultivator children, running Sect Wei ragged trying to keep up with them.

        Immortal Baoshan Sanren might make a visit, since I suspect she knew full well that Jiang Cheng wasn’t WWX, so she decides to ask what he was thinking. This doesn’t get WWX a new golden core, but maybe she offers some ideas that help him out.

        Although again, fanfic is on the backburner. If I can write 3k words of original in a day, then I can spare attention for other things.


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    1. Remember why tradition becomes tradition, for the most part: Because it has been shown to be effective (or apparently effective, anyway). And wasting time/energy/what have you on trying anything that might fail is something that can only be tolerated in a society with a certain amount of “extra,” so as a society grows there will be a lag in developing the habit of building “research” into the budget. Thus the dependence on the stray whacko genius!

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      1. The annoying thing is that I have had a bunny chewing at me for awhile on how it could happen, but I haven’t a clue how to go about it. For one thing, it’d start well before canon happenings for Iron Man and well *after* for MDZS. So let’s see if it bites someone else.

        Basic idea: Tony Stark is the son of a very wealthy businessman/inventor of the latest weapons, so it’s almost a guarantee that he’s been kidnapped at some point. I don’t know if the ‘Starks don’t pay ransom is canon,’ but for the purposes of this fic it is. Only the latest kidnappers (I’ve been thinking Tony’s about twelve in this, but whatever) are like “Nah man, keep your money. We want your tech. And guess what! From what we’ve heard, your kids nearly as good as you are!”

        On the other side, Jiang Cheng is no longer the Sect Leader for whatever reason (Idk, don’t ask me) so he’s created a company that basically does hostage rescues wherever they happen to be needed. He gets contacted by someone on the Stark’s side of things (Peggy maybe? It’d be cool if they’d worked together) saying that Tony Stark is in trouble and the situation is extremely delicate. So he looks over what they’ve got, sighs, and realizes he needs someone inside who can get the kid out when things start going off. And the only one he can think of that would pull it off is Wei Wuxian (preferably well after they’ve sorted out their differences and were brothers again. I don’t care if JC and LWJ still hate each other, I want reconciliation, darn it!), mostly because his brother would be a likely target for these people anyway, and he’s good with kids and situations that go to hell.

        And that’s just the setup. I don’t know enough about Marvel to pull this off! Especially since I’d like for Tony to become one of WWX and LWJ’s adoptees, so it’s not a one time meeting thing. And JC would be that grumpy uncle who taught Tony aaaaallllllllll he needed to know to give kidnappers a bad day.

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      2. This also feeds into WWX’s whole issue with the idea that “hey, you matter.” (not knowing E=MC^2, he does not have an instant comeback to that)

        So, the only thing that can go into taking the risks of research is surplus that nobody will miss if it’s destroyed, as it most likely will be.

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      3. Yeah. Ow. Madam Yu did a spectacular job of whipping into him that “your only reason to be allowed to continue to breathe is to serve the Jiang in general and as Jiang Cheng’s meat shield in particular”.

        There are people who write fixits where she reforms, but… I’m not sure how many of them recognize how deliberate that kind of damage is, and how twisted up someone is to do it.

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      4. Well at least WWX has a built-in crossover method.

        The Dastardly Villains are plotting to summon a demon, but not just any demon, they’re summoning the Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation!
        Back from the dead!
        Because a few centuries of mythologizing isn’t going to make his reputation *better.*

        The Heroic Avengers are trying to stop them, but they fail!
        How will the world survive!?

        They get Wei Wuxian.

        “AHHH! the Grandmaster of Demons is here!”

        “I don’t actually have anything to do with demons as you describe them. That’s a translation error. I mostly work with the restless dead.”

        “AHHH! The zombie apocalypse is starting!”

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  4. Re, Jiang Cheng and their staged fight; the problem is that Jiang Cheng is a /drama queen/.

    He is a lone theater kid with a whole society he had to perform for, so he took his role a bit too far with no one there to poke him for putting too much into it.

    Also, Tony Stark and WWX collaborating is a hilarious and terrifying thought.

    Or, hmmmm. Reincarnation would be a fun trope to play with. Tony reincarnated as WWX would be a holy terror with cultivation.

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    1. Eh. I wouldn’t really call JC a theater kid. (That would be more NHS’s speed, I think, or even WWX’s). Partly because acting generally involves a willingness to well. Be ridiculous. Actors on a stage have to OVERact, to make their actions and emotions visible to the audience. But up close, stage acting looks ridiculous. Jiang Cheng however, is far too invested in his face and not losing any to ever deliberately choose to act ridiculously.

      Instead, JC turning WWX’s secession into announcing him a traitor is continuing the pattern of behavior shown in previous interactions between him in WWX: JC gets upset and WWX, and he lashes out. Moreover, JC escalates.

      As children, JC is mad his father went his puppies away and wants WWX to share his room, so he locks WWX outside and threatens him with his phobia.

      As teenagers, JC is mad WWX receives a mild “good job” from JFM for killing a legendary beast, but JC’s own statement that WWX should have let their allies be killed gets a mild “do you understand why saying that is inappropriate,” and then YZY storms in and makes everything worse, so JC deliberately hits WWX over his still healing burn wound and when WWX is doubled over in pain, tells him it’s what he deserves for “playing hero.”

      As teenagers/young adults, JC is (understandably!) extremely distraught over his parents dying and his home being destroyed, so he turns on WWX (who is just as distraught and is also in agony from being whipped with Zidian) and starts strangling him and screaming blame at him, while simultaneously acknowledging in his own thoughts that he knows none of it was WWX’s fault.

      As young adults, they have a staged fight where WWX breaks JC’s non-dominant arm, so JC stabs him in the gut (a wound that, even if it wasn’t the same situation where WWX casually mentions having to stuff his guts back in, is still extremely serious and disproportionate to a broken arm) and declares him a traitor and enemy of the cultivation world.

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  5. But the comparison of Gift Instructor to First Disciple isn’t wrong. It is part if those duties. As I understand the first disciple is basically the one who takes care of/trains the others so that the sect leader can go do politics. The martial version of a secretary/executive assistant. As they slowly learn more about the culture, it’s going to be interesting for the Valdemarans to learn that they have three separate jobs/people at least for the equivalent of first disciple. Now, there are differences, but…

    Not sure if that makes it better worse…

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      1. But he is involved with everything else. He might even be involved in making sure their Six Arts and history are up to par, see the pop quiz Lan Qiren launches at Wei Wuxian on the first day of class. What he was throwing at him were questions he expected would trip up this upstart teenager, but could plausibly be expected to be things he should know.

        Sigh. I am actually fond of most/all of the named Lan, but man are some of them problematic. Then again, this is definitely the wrong fandom for someone wanting non-problematic characters.

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      2. It essentially boiled down to Wei Wuxian doing anything that didn’t specifically require either the Sect Leader or Sect Heir to deal with, possibly with Jiang Cheng and Jiang Yanli’s help as well as several seniors but still. That is a lot of responsibility for a 14 year old.

        That Wei Wuxian was Fourth Most Eligible despite his lack of lineage is really a testament to just how good-looking, intelligent, and capable he is.

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  6. Question: What are the duties of a First Disciple?
    Nie Huaisang: I don’t know. I don’t know. I really don’t know.
    Nie Zonghue: Long Suffering look. “The job description and duties vary between the different Sects. Also different individuals play to their own abilities.”

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      1. And given YZY’s expressly stated disinterest in anything to do with the day to day running of Yunmeng Jiang? That’s a lot on WWX’s plate lol. Especially when he’s regularly losing entire days to having to kneel in punishment because YZY took exception to his existence (and punishes absolutely no one else).

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      2. “That’s a lot on WWX’s plate lol.”

        … Which means that WWX was *bored out of his skull* during the “seminar” at the Cloud Recesses! I’m really surprised he didn’t cause *more* trouble then.

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  7. Now this sheds some light on the misunderstandings that were happening between Lan Wangji and Wei Ying. Because everyone thought he was outright controlling spirits and fierce corpses, etc. But even in Untamed, you see him persuading them, not controlling. Granted, I personally believe he CAN control them if nessesary, he just knows it works better if they are willing instead of forced. And I also think even Lan Wangji doesn’t realize the full extent of Wei Ying’s responsibilities as a First Deciple. Although, out of curiosity, I was somehow under the impression that the title of First Deciple was more for the strongest cultivator in the Sect except for the Sect Leader and/or the Sect Heir. I thought that was part of the conflict Madam Yu kept feeding between Wei Ying and his adopted brother: that Wei Ying was Better, but as the Heir, Jiang Cheng should be better, and the fact that he WASNT was shameful, and purely because Jiang Cheng wasn’t trying hard enough. Then she would tell Wei Ying that it was disgraceful that he dared be better than Jiang Cheng, and the whole thing snowballs into Wei Ying’s sacrificial tendencies and Jiang Cheng’s hatred of feeling like he is in Wei Ying’s Shadow all the time! I have wondered, if the Wen hadn’t attacked followed by the war, just how unstable and poisoned the Jaing Sect would have been in the future?? Also, just because I can’t find it for some reason, who is the First Deciple of the Lan Sect?? I know it might change depending on if you are going by novel, Untamed or the anime, but I have been looking in all the above and haven’t been able to figure that out!
    If anyone knows, please tell me….

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    1. Oh yes, he can control the undead. In fact, he can control most undead even if someone else is controlling them. The one canon thing he can’t override is someone else controlling them with the Tiger Seal.

      I haven’t been able to find out who’s the Lan First Disciple either.

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  8. Also, I had two evil ideas regarding how to work a Crossover for Tony Stark to meet WWX. One involves a certain Star gate in the Colorado Mountains. The other was triggered by another comment I saw on this post, about someone, (most likely a villan) Summoning WWX while fighting the Avengers, but they can’t force WWX to follow orders, mainly because he isn’t what they thinks he is. A possible twist on the summon option is they have managed to kidnap adult Tony(AGAIN) and they have him in the room when they summon WWX, and Tony is being Snarky, and WWX just laughs with appreciation before taking the villans apart and Tony offers to figure out how to send him back.

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    1. Bonus points for one: Lan Wangji showing up somehow looking for WWX. Two: Hawkeye having EPIC archery contests (and crazy long discussions about equipment, different bows, etc) with WWX. And Three: WWX trying to steal/Adopt Peter Parker.

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      1. And I just had to remember CrossoverCreativeChaos’s awesome Artimis Fowl/Avengers Crossover and how fun it would be to drop Wei Ying in THAT universe, probably after the events of the fanfiction. Wei Ying would LOVE Artimis, and Holly. I am also giggling over the image of Butler with either Wen Ning or Lan Wangji, or both, just understanding the struggle of keeping thier reckless Idiot alive. Let alone the idea of Wen Qing meeting the healer Fey that I can’t remember the name of right now…

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