Writer’s Group on DeviantArt – Adopt a Plot

There’s a small group on DeviantArt that might be of interest to anyone who uses that site and writes; Adopt a Plot.

If you’ve got an idea you can’t do justice to, toss it in there. If you’re looking for an idea for a stray character, plot, or setting, poke around. Everything here is freely offered, from resources to image textures to hopefully helpful critique.

Yes, free. The group creators and mods have Issues with the whole trend of Adoptable artworks for sale – especially since various artists keep trying to swamp the group posting their for-sale works despite its explicit guidelines that this is for writing. And not for money. The mods finally had to slam various requirements on who can join the group to make people quit that, so if you want to officially be part of the group rather than just read and lurk you’ll need to apply. Just so you know.

Things the group mods want to see shared: Plots, character development, setting development, world-building notes, and any notes and preliminary work that might be useful to writers in need of inspiration.

They also submit and accept typography, writing resources, cover resources, and links to all of those plus virus-proof software, useful blogs, forums and online communities.

In case this turns out useful for anyone. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Writer’s Group on DeviantArt – Adopt a Plot

  1. Given that I aspire to write a novel someday myself, and I had a rom com plot pop into my head the other day, nearly complete, but I both have no interest in and no idea how to write a rom com, this sounds like it is incredibly well timed for me. Thanks.

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  2. I’ve recently realized that part of my problem is that I do not know when enough is enough when it comes to designing characters, backstory, and plot.

    Was working on an isekai notion, when I realized that the MC I was considering had much too intricate of an immediate backstory to work with an isekai. The elements all worked with the intent, and made sense on their own, but the combination was too much.

    That instinct isn’t calibrated, so I don’t make a judgement on when to stop, or when to remove before I add anything new.

    So, that tells me that I’ve probably not going to fix things by trying to sort out one of my big messes on paper. Option A, studying books, trying to understand how they manage the budget. Option B, make myself finish a beepin’ story.

    I don’t think I have sense now to pick and execute.

    Hopefully will remember if I do.

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    1. That can work if you take a while to reveal the backstory. For a great example check out ” the trash of the counts family” it’s a great isekai with a highly complicated plot and when the backstory for the mc gets revealed it is Extremely Satisfying.

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