Flowers and Light

The evening news keeps thumping us with the stupid and worse, so let’s have some nature.

Basil in flower!

Purple basil in flower! As leaves it’s a little more hot than regular basil, a bit gingery.

Habaneros. Perfect color for Halloween, but too tiny for me to carve….

Pink morning glories.

Interesting texture!

And this guy’s just hanging around.


10 thoughts on “Flowers and Light

  1. Best quote I’ve ever had about the evening news was, “the evening news begins with “good evening” and then proceeds to tell you why it’s not.” Love the flowers! A bit jealous that you can get basil though, I’m told I can’t grow spices I don’t know how to use. I already have a bunch of thyme, lemon thyme, sage, and rosemary that I don’t know how to use. It’s strange most people tell me the growing herbs are hard, but I seem to find the ones that try one benign neglect. It works.

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  2. About the habaneros, I can’t help but wonder if anyone’s ever written a Thumbelina (or similar tiny character) story where they wanted to participate in the pumpkin carving and decided to use a habanero. Now the only question is whether or not said character *knew* what they were carving. That could get interesting…

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      1. That’s why I was talking about Thumbelina sized characters for carving. Didn’t know they were instant tear gas, though I know they’re very hot peppers. My dad grows them and sometimes adds them to his homemade salsa.

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  3. Nice seeds for the basil. Keep in mind that you have to keep trimming the top before they go to seed, to get more bushy growth that promotes leaf growth. If you let it go to seed the plant will die soon after seeding.
    Another note: Thai basil’s the perfect plant for anyone who doesn’t have the green thumb. It’ll survive and even thrive in constant shade that Italian basil will die in, as long as you either let it have outdoor rain or water it every so often.

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