A Long Road Chapter 10 Ficbit – Regarding Injury

Heading for Companions’ Field, Lan Wangji released a meditative breath, and brought to mind images of Yiling. The way Wei Wuxian had sat at the inn table to eat, ever so slightly stiff. The flicker of a wince, when A-Yuan thumped into his side with all the force of a delighted child. The shift of his body as he pulled out a burning talisman, the angle he’d used to rise and hurry back to Wen Ning….

:Ouch,: Kellen winced, tossing his head as his Chosen approached. :You’re right. That’s a man with something wrong in his side. Though… hmm. Given he was running around with a small child – that seems less like ‘not healed’, and more like ‘something healed wrong’.:

Lan Wangji reached out, burying his fingers in a thick mane. “In a cultivator with intact meridians, nothing should heal wrong.”

Kellen rested his forehead against his Chosen’s white ribbon, warm with relief and quiet joy. :Good. I look forward to many, many years of the both of us being the most moral troublemakers Valdemar has ever seen.:

No one was watching. He could smile, stiff as it felt. “Wei Wuxian would approve.”

:I like him already.: Kellen huffed. :So. He’s covering injuries. It takes time to learn how to do that. That and bloody-minded determination, but we know he has that, he’s protected the Jiang Sect at every step… can you show me more of how he moved during the war? Before he would have perfected his concealment?:

Carefully, Lan Wangji assembled an array of images. Wei Wuxian in the Xuanwu’s cave, chest still smoking from a spiritual brand. Appearing after months of no word, floating with dark energy, to slay Wen Zhuliu and hound Wen Chao to his death. Stalking through the years of the Sunshot campaign, thin and drawn and angry, always angry….

All the while those words echoed through Lan Wangji’s mind; he protected the Jiang.

As the warrior who’d fought to defeat the Wen, it was outrageous. How could any cultivator move against the enemy, if his allies would not admit when they needed rest? Resupply? Healing?

But as the Second Heir of Lan, dealing with the first disciple of a weakened sect clawing its way back into power among the Great Sects….

Yunmeng Jiang could not show weakness. The Nie would have brushed them aside. The Jin would have swallowed them up. Even my own people… would have thought them not important enough to treat as equals.

For over half the war, Yunmeng Jiang had relied on Wei Wuxian’s power to hold their place against all others. Had it been known the Ghost Flute was injured, that his cultivation was impaired – the consequences would have been catastrophic.

28 thoughts on “A Long Road Chapter 10 Ficbit – Regarding Injury

  1. Uh oh. He’s got the pieces and Lan Zhan is NOT an idiot. Why am I imagining Wei Ying trying to kidnap him, and Lan Zhan just apologizing for not seeing how much pain Wei Ying had been in?

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    1. Unless I’ve got a very bad read on him, LZ would be more likely to try to fix things, rather than just say something.

      Which… well, actions speak louder than words, and they’re supposed to be harder to misinterpret or fake, but “harder” doesn’t mean “hard.”

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  2. And now Lán Wàngji can get some context for why Wei Wuxian kept brushing him off during the war. It’s not all of it, but it is a dim part of the whole. Maybe enough to help him feel a little better that it was politics. Not a lot, just because there is a good explanation that’s not what you thought doesn’t mean it doesn’t still hurt.

    Wei Wuxian really had no choice but to push Lan Wangji away though, not someone who knew how he fought and moved before. Not if he wanted to keep Jiang secrets, and his own.

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  3. This is Wangji running straight into the tricky issue of establishing boundaries in a relationship.

    It’s easy to assume “I deserve to know everything because I love them” but when it’s classified information…

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      1. I’ve not stopped to wonder about how having a natural talent towards Mindspeaking would affect Lan Wangji and his communication in this AU. It’s an interesting thought exercise.

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      2. Interestingly, this is actually the same reason why I can’t/refuse to watch dubbed anime anymore – so much nuance and subtle context in the original Japanese voice acting, that just plain isn’t there in the English version!

        (Also, LWJ and the Embers!Fire Nation would get along great, with how much they DON’T say.)

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      3. :shudders at some of the English voice “acting”:

        Cells At Work.

        One of the kids decided they’d flip it to English.

        … Well. White Bloodcell does sound like a guy.

        A high school guy.

        Who was handed the script in class and is reading it off….

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      4. A large part of the problem is, that (lack of) nuance I mentioned? That’s even when they’ve got a voice cast full of professionals, and are actually trying to do right by the original script.

        Nine times out of ten these days, however? It literally could not be more obvious that they just don’t give a flying f***.

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  4. There’s one anime that I have to listen to dubbed (Vampire Hunter D, for the record) because one of the voices is otherwise too high pitched. Also, dunpeal makes me grind my teeth. Though mainly I mute it and watch it subbed anyway. But subbed is the good choice for anything else.

    On this, oof, I am wondering just how much Cymry and Kellen are related. Either that or very close friends.

    Also am pondering were this ends up on how from the outside it looks like mind control versus “Finally, someone I can trust and talk to about everything!”.

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    1. To be fair, trying to say “dhampir” through wasei-eigo (/danpi-ru/) requires a number of phonetic leaps-of-faith that really don’t work as well when trying to do it in reverse.

      (That, and the translators were probably a bunch of lore-blind dumbasses who’d never read/heard a single “traditional” vampire myth in their lives.)

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      1. Pokemon was fine when I was younger.

        Okay, I only ever willingly touch subs these days, but on Saturday mornings, the dubbed anime was still often better than watching western cartoons.

        I quit watching TV, and all of a sudden I care about the opportunity cost for some reason.

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  5. I’m a bit iffy on Slayers! The voice acting was excellent, yes – but the translation work was shit, especially concerning the Chaos Words of certain high-tier spells. (And that’s just the TV series – don’t even get me started on the toxic dumpster fire that was the OVAs!)

    Record of Lodoss War, OTOH, that was good.

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    1. While I’m at it, a couple others I’d say had genuinely good voice acting would be the original Tenchi Muyo! series (the one that actually got a continuation years later, though said continuation itself was crap), and Outlaw Star.

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    2. :laughs:
      Oh, heavens, I don’t even TRY to figure the value of translation unless it gets into radically changing major plot points zone. Waaaaay too many assumptions involved in trying not to break the flow– my favorite Inu Yasha sub was a fan work where the fan translator put like a mini-essay when each thing was introduced so that you could pause, read it, and figure out what the blazes the POINT of a puppet-and-spider-web themed lady dressed like a hooker with a comb was. (This is from memory, over a decade later, but it was a century spirit of a comb used in preparing the dead, which made the whole village is corpses thing make perfect sense)

      A reasonable expectation of knowledge for an American watching anime in 2021 isn’t the same as for a random English speaker watching anime in 1990, and probably not a lot of demand for the level of mythology geekery I’d be interested in, and keep the flow is important in strictly verbal translations and…. hehe, yeah, this group probably includes a LOT of folks who already know this stuff. 😀

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  6. The dub of Naoki Urasawa’s ‘Monster’ is really good. Plus, it’s set in Germany, so even though the main character is Japanese, I think it fits the setting better.

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