Beadcrafting: Bookmark

So I was experimenting with peyote stitch.

Toho beads (pink) and Delica beads (purple and blue) are both officially size 11/0. Officially. As in, there’s supposed to be 11 beads to the inch. Strictly speaking Delica are closer to 12 to the inch. (But not exactly.)

Delica also tend to have larger center holes than Toho, making them more adaptable to any design that requires multiple thread passes. And they’re much more regular in shape, meaning they can be locked very tightly together in a project. But they don’t have as much texture as Toho, so since I was experimenting with the tubular stitch anyway, I thought I’d see how combining the two beads worked out. I like the raised-spiral effect.

This is part of my ongoing saga to expand my bead skills, hopefully to create nifty things. Both because I like beads and I need the side hustle. πŸ˜‰

Beaded peyote spiral striped bookmark.


4 thoughts on “Beadcrafting: Bookmark

    1. Yes, it does. At the very least it uses different thinky bits, which sometimes clears my head for more writing later.

      *Rueful* Or some of the same thinky bits just in a different way. My brain seems to have 3-D visualization either mixed with or overlapping verbalization. I’m better with words; when I’m moving complicated things, or trying to navigate scary traffic, I can’t talk.


      1. Husband calls that Shared Mental RAM– same way most people turn down the radio when they are looking for something.

        Usually while he’s typing one conversation and speaking another. -.-

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  1. Looks like a successful experiment!

    Off topic, here’s a train thing that looks like one of those horrible microscopic worms that people like to view with electron microscopes.

    As near as i can tell it’s basically a steam-powered snowblower.

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