32 thoughts on “A Long Road Chapter 11 Up On AO3

  1. So they will gnaw off their own arms not to?

    This was so amazing, thank you so much! I do wonder what happens next, because I can absolutely see them skedaddling back to Rabbit Hole right away. Of course, Wei Wuxian has promises to the dead he’s met. Including one unfortunate kitchen maid to go after Orthallen’s network. But since no one realizes how his relationship with the dead actually works, I wonder if a few Heralds take a too early breath of relief? (And if one Trainee takes it stoically right up until the next ghostly haunting.)

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  2. Merry Christmas and thanks for the update❤

    I thought that I’d be hyper focused on the mess that is wangxian but surprisingly Talia was my mvp this chapter she’s trying so hard to take care of everyone.

    “I may kick him ass over tea kettle later, that was terrifying “😂 That’s the general reaction people who care about Wei Ying have when he does something crazy. Kellen should get along just fine with Wen Qing.

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  3. “I’m concerned about going to Valdemar. I hear they kidnap people.”

    “Don’t worry. The Chosen are the most capable and trustworthy people they can find. You’re in no danger.”


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      1. Someone who wants a bit of harmless revenge on NHS should probably tell him all about Skif, and other Heralds Chosen for basically being sneaky scheming rogues with hearts of gold. NHS probably won’t feel safe for *weeks*.

        Meanwhile, we close the chapter with NHS flailing and fluttering frantically but helplessly in LWJ’s Iron Grip Of Profound Gratitude, while NZH looks in every *other* direction whistling innocently and failing to hear any gasps for help from his slowly-suffocating Sect Heir…

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  4. Is it that I’m not a native speaker again or are there one too many “in” in the sentence that goes: “people he loves are in still in grave danger”?

    Either way, I loved the chapter and it made for a delightful Christmas-present. Thank you. ❤

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  5. Very good! Wish Talia could bang those two heads together, but that might solve the unbreakable objects question. 🙂
    I get the sense that if Sect Leader of the Lan knew about the composition of the Wei Remnant, then he would have gone totally bursar at his clan leaders and liberated the prison himself. Imo only.

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      1. I think Lan Xichen is the sect leader at that point, since his father is dead and therefore the reason for Lan Qiren to have “acting” status no longer applies. And Lan Xichen… is not very good at drawing lines, unfortunately.

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  6. This is a great chapter with Talia being the voice of reason, and Nie Huaisang is revealed as his very sneaky and capable self. Did WWX warn him enough that he could be Johnny on the spot at the end of this kerfluffle? There wasn’t enough time for a debrief so Nie Huaisang knew that if Lan Wangji was still in Haven, he wasn’t possessed. Also there was a lack of destruction and bodies.
    I wonder how much of the Jin powerplay was due to fatigue on everyone’s part. No one except the Jin have the people and resources and will for another fight. It isn’t that they think the Wen Remnants and Wei Ying are evil and dangerous, they don’t have the will to fight with the Jin who have an intact army.

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    1. It was more an estimation on NHS’ part. After all, the longer you hang around a place, the more likely you are to get caught. So WWX moving that night makes good sense!

      I’d bet a lot was Jin Guangshan taking advantage of combat fatigue, yes.


      1. Combat fatigue, as well as diminished personnal and funds of all others…while the Jin get to use some of their intact wealth and part of the spoils to buy goodwill from them, while being polite and inviting them to bunquets and giving respect and face. Thus holding the appearance of great propriety and benevolance, while WWX is being rude and pretends at arrogance to hide his weakness earns Ire.

        Made worse by him being son of servants treating the scions of clans as lessers, despite having no linage to speak of.

        and inferior that did batter, and pretends to be superior…

        then, add a little rumor here, a whisper in the right ear there…
        And the already existing pettiness, which was inflamed by what was seen as disrespect, was made worse.

        the principle of ” the polite lord that was geenrous to me that one time i was invited to a bunquet he held is surely in the right, rather then the disrespectful, rude peasent that kept belitteling me.”

        together with the hipocrisy of ” I know i promised, but everybody knows they are guilty, so why waste time on stuff like a trial, they are going to be found guilty anyway.” that was popular IRL at the time period, aand not only in the story.

        Jin did all the song and dance to appease the noble lesser Cultivator clans and sects, and had the mob mentality and public opinion on his side – what are facts before that?


      2. Oh, I’m sure the actual calculation is “the lord with all the intact living clanmembers and wealth, whom I don’t dare to attack, versus the lone ridiculously powerful guy, whom I might be able to beat as part of a group.”

        That said, a lot of people will be very happy to say terrible things about WWX but not actually be willing to attack him. Meanwhile, you might say nice things to the Jin and go to their banquets, while secretly despising them and longing to be able to attack.

        Dragging your feet while saying all kinds of stuff that appeases the person you can’t attack — very much a tactic.

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