A Stray Crossover Idea (SVSSS/Star Wars)

Found this over on Tumblr, reposted there. Because it would be funny.

Short version: Obi-Wan the Negotiator ends up dealing with Original Shen Qingqiu (Shen Jiu) when the cultivator’s planet is discovered – all these force-sensitives throwing emotions around all over the place! Alien species considered “demons!”

And a cultivator who would actively despise the whole idea of an effectively enslaved clone army, not to mention Twi’lek girls sold into dancing, etc.

The chaos would be glorious.

(Ooo, and someone could do fanart of alien species in Cang Qiong outfits just ’cause… pretty!)


16 thoughts on “A Stray Crossover Idea (SVSSS/Star Wars)

  1. He doesn’t actually do anything about slavery in his world, though – eg. he goes to the brothel to be guarded while he sleeps but he doesn’t actually buy their freedom.

    The problem with Shen Jiu is that he directs his ‘eff you’ at another orphan just because said orphan got to know a mother/their Yue Qi died instead of ‘abandoning’ him as not worth at instead of at The System. He becomes an abuser and is killed by the kid he abused as per him and that Qing family guy.

    ‘Have you considered taking your anger out on people who actually deserve it??’ would be great for a ‘stop being scum’ arc for him, though.

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    1. 100% THIS!

      I really don’t get why so many people seem so determined to think Shen Jiu was a better person then he actually was? Shen Yuan points out that he was actually glad that Shen Jiu’s expanded tragic backstory didn’t really make it into the original PIDW, because he knew that so many readers would get think it justified or excused his actions when it really did not, and that Shen Jiu really was just a terrible person determined to inflict a decent chunk of his own trauma onto others.

      I’d much rather see Shen Yuan!Shen Qingqiu be inflicted on the Star Wars universe. Either as someone who is familiar with the Star Wars franchise and already has A Lot Of Opinions On Everything, or as someone from an AU modern world where Star Wars never existed and he has to take a bit…..before he develops A Lot of Opinions On Everything.

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      1. *Dies laughing* Oh good lord, can you picture the looks on his and Shang Qinghua’s faces when STAR WARS PEOPLE come out of an ACTUAL SPACESHIP. The shock! The sudden realization that this means at least SOME of star wars canon is REAL! The horror that this means sith/Palpatine/the death star, etc are REAL! They may need to go lay down for a while and just let the revelations hit.

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  2. Honestly I’d read the heck out of that. I’ve been wanting some sort of star wars/xianxia cross for a while. Though my bunnies kept giving me mandalorians utterly baffled by the immortal, accident prone loveliness that is Xie Lian

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    1. Funny story about SW/xianxia…

      Way back in the misty days of yore, I had a sketch of an outline.

      I’d figured out which part of the Legends timeline I wanted to use. I’d worked out that I wanted to rip off WWI for the main military conflicts.

      I’d put a lot of pieces together. What I didn’t have was a plot, or a main character motivation to drive the plot.

      The initial bunny was ‘okay, I could totally use ‘lost force teachings’ and stuff to have a xianxia style MC buried in the deep history of the Star Wars universe’. Basic problem, the MC and initial scenarios I designed weren’t really compatible with the usual cycles of revenge plotting, and I’d explicitly decided on world building that wasn’t an endless parade of cultivator shit holes with young masters ready for face slapping. Anyway, would have been a big project, and I didn’t get it figured out.

      Since then, busy, depressed, and even less interested in Star Wars than I was back then. This would have been around episode seven, and I was all “No, Han and Leia never divorced. I’m willing to up the Solo kids to three pairs of twins, importing Ben Solo as an older sibling. But no going sith lord, or being mentored by sith lords, etc. The framing story is maybe that Anakin Solo gets ahold of what the MC had for a Holocron.”

      Since then, we’ve had eps eight and nine, and I’m not paying Disney a cent after ‘The Triumph of the Mu Lan’. For some reason, wanting to hang, draw, and quarter Disney’s executives has made doing Star Wars fic a lot less attractive.

      OTOH, recently I’ve been so angry at other people that I’ve maybe relaxed a bit about Disney.

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      1. For some reason, *this* caused me to burst out laughing: “OTOH, recently I’ve been so angry at other people that I’ve maybe relaxed a bit about Disney.”

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  3. Yeah… the SW Sequel Trilogy just… ARGH.

    I had an epiphany while watching Ghostbusters:Afterlife. *That* was a *proper* sequel. What I mean there, is that in G:A, the character relationships that were the underpinning of the original movie were treated as *important*, and were given *closure*, but without taking up a lot of screen time. I walked out of G:A feeling *satisfied* about the characters.

    While, in comparison, I walked out of each of SW 7-9 feeling… cheated. It was as if, in each movie, I could hear the production team in the background going “okay, we have to clear out all this old deadwood from the old movies to make room for our new stories. And throw in something or other for the old characters to do before the actors all croak on us.”

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      1. Actually, the worst bit is that they have admitted that doing the sequel series would have been easier if they’d had a plan. Some things you don’t do flying by the seat of your pants. Taking on a multibillion dollar franchise is one of them. And all of the really good, cool things they could have done? Ended up on the cutting room floor. Luke grabbing Kylo’s lightsaber by the blade and telling him he was no Skywalker for example.

        They just, they tried to do things for the twist and didn’t realize it wouldn’t work. For example, if Luke Skywalker “there is still good in Vader” tells me a someone is evil and needs to die, I’m going to believe him no matter how hot the bad guy is. I’m absolutely not going to believe that Han Solo and Chewbacca set off to be second rate smugglers, mostly because I don’t believe they were second rate in the first place and because character growth is a thing. And it’s something they experienced.

        Honestly, I wish whoever had done Rogue One had been allowed to play in the other movies. Because Rogue One was the sort of thing I was expecting. Character growth, good plot and pacing, excellent chemistry. Rogue One was a true Star Wars movie, and I will die on that hill.

        (I’d be willing to fight too, except I misread the directions for my health class and did all three of the cardiovascular activities instead of the one the teacher asked for. And I have exercise induced asthma that kicks in when I run. Fun times!)


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