Earring Tales: Surprise, Bracelet

This started as an earring, honest.

So I had some 11/0 seed beads, which despite the official size are larger and heavier than 11/0 Delica beads. I decided to try and do a pair of earrings with my diamond design anyway.

About six rows in, I weighed the result in my hand and decided that was going to be waaaay too heavy.

Still. Six rows is a fair amount of time investment, and I liked both how the colors went together and the heft of it. So I decided to try freehanding it into a bracelet.

…That took a while, and learning a few new techniques, including plundering some of my beading books for how to pull off a toggle-loop closure made completely out of beads. But I finally finished it!

If anyone wants it, I have it up on Etsy.

Amber Diamonds Beaded Bracelet.


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