Brief Note: Taxes Dude Not Funny

I did get some fic scribbled. I meant to also write a post for blog for today, but IRS happened.

Seriously, I got a letter from them yesterday that had a date inside of December last year, stating that they hadn’t gotten my forms for last year. They had, however, gotten my money.

I’m sure this surprises no one.

(And yet the forms and the check were in the same envelope, how could you get the one and lose-? Never mind, Jack, it’s the Feds.)

So. Time spent tracking down all my copies of last year’s forms… yes of course I have copies, I’ve gone rounds with the feds before. It’d have been less time but last year was a nightmare that meant one folder didn’t get labeled, go figure.

And I will make copies of the copies, sign those, and mail them off… to likely disappear into the black hole that is the federal mail system. Sigh.

“Glorious life of a writer”, hah. Spoken by someone who never had to worry about their own taxes!


22 thoughts on “Brief Note: Taxes Dude Not Funny

  1. Yeah I feel for you V. While not self-employed myself I’ve been paranoid about my taxes to the point that my tax file is kept in four copies, and goes back … well let’s just say that there are likely posters on this WordPress who’ve seen less years than I have files for.

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  2. I’m so sorry you have to deal with that. As one of those working for a branch of the government, I hear about things like this a lot, especially for last year, and it sucks! The problem is caused by several different things, none of which are your fault. The biggest problem is at least half of the irs centers that store the actual paperwork are still shut down/or have a skeleton staff due to covid, and orders from congress. The second problem is that separate departments handle the payments/money and scanning/inputting forms, so things can get lost… 🙄, the last big problem is that there are literally over 6 MILLION physical documents from the last 2 years that need to be scanned into the computer and inputed. Because of the government shutdowns. It is the worst backlog the irs has ever had. And definitely not the fault of the Taxpayer. 😔

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    1. Many federal government organizations are large bureaucracies.

      Large bureaucracies have tasks that they can be very effective at. They also have tendencies towards certain issues.

      I think just about everyone with serious contact with a large bureaucracy gets a little bit of understanding of the tendency towards issues.

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  3. Ugh, much sympathy.

    Even relatively simple stuff was borked this year– we use H&R block, and even in mid-Feb it was still using last year’s calculations for dependents, and… well, I’m not sure what the heck it was smoking, but it was listing a taxes due in the several thousands on top of what we’d already paid.

    Good luck.

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      1. Likely not. There seems to have been a general spike in bureaucratic incompetence lately, in my experience. (Seriously, just ordering a [BLEEP]ing microwave proved to be an absolute nightmare, and that didn’t even involve the government. Beyond an annoyingly high sales tax, anyway….) 2022 is not proving to be a respite from the insanity of the prior two years, is it?

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  4. Got some sobering news today. Mom’s a Cold War vet, and thinks the trigger has been pulled on Ukraine with about a 90% chance. I believe her. Just, F! Why the hell do we waste so much on war?! Russia’s pretext holds as much credibility as a soggy toilet paper bucket guaranteed for all your FOOF needs. We don’t need this. Not now. Not after all the Covid crap and Biden. I trust Biden as a war leader about as much as I trust a two-year old. Be ready and prayed up. Prices are about to go sky-high imo.

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    1. The pretext, btw is that Russia recognized two”nations” that look as fake as a two-dollar bill. Literally the next day both officially asked Russia for military aid/action to prevent atrocities by the Ukrainian military. This is an old,tired pretext seen throughout history. This isn’t a paper-thin excuse, it’s an atom-thin one. There’s still a faint hope of peace, but I feel it would require divine intervention, in some way or another.

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      1. It’s almost enough to make me wish I had a twitter account, so I could go see if Russian Twitter has any “insurgents” tweeting “hey, mom, look, we’re in the Ukraine!” this time, or if they took folks’ cell phones away before putting htem in civies this time.

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      2. Email your congresscritter and tell him that you will vote for his opponent if he gives any support to any Maladministration involvement in Russia’s local conflict.

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    2. We shall see.

      I figure that the information sources are really contaminated. In general, for this specific problem. I haven’t tracked down a source for this that I would trust to tell me that the sky is blue.

      I’m not confident in any claims out of DC, in terms of what is happening, what policy is, or what federal organizations will actually do.

      To deliver on a policy, there are decisions that have to be made, from high level to an awful lot of low level. Estimating changes of done effectively, I am skeptical. Possibly too skeptical.

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  5. Honestly? I think Putin wants to do the “surround Moscow with a buffer state” thing, because it is a Russian obsession, just like “Third Rome” and the rest. And he wants to do it now, because he’s not too old yet, and because the Russian birthrate is dropping. So do it while it can be done, regardless of whether it’s a great idea.

    Especially since we stopped exporting natural gas, so Putin has the cash right now.

    I think he was expecting the CCP to attack Taiwan during the Olympics and give a distraction that he could use; but they didn’t, so he’s going now, before things get soppy for tanks in the springtime.

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