Earring Tales: Monochrome and Gold

Simple, but I think pretty.

So. RL has been busy to the point that it took me weeks to finish this pair – I was either too busy or too tired most days to work on it. If you’re so tired you’re dropping things in the kitchen, there’s no practical way to pick up tiny beads and put them together. Not when it’s too easy to catch the thread on things!

But if you know a fan of a Pittsburgh team, or just need something for a classy night on the town, I think these might do the trick. 🙂

Monochrome and Gold  earrings.

9 thoughts on “Earring Tales: Monochrome and Gold

  1. Classy, and classic! Very nice. Still, trying to decide if I want to go to the ENT to get repierced or the tattoo parlor. It may come down to wether or not my insurance would cover the visit.

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  2. *sits up* Oh, I like that!

    I usually think your work is pretty, and the time and detail involved boggle me, but every so often there’s one where the effect especially grabs me and this is one of them.

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      1. Hey, I hate to bother you but did this sell? I assumed so, but I can’t find it in your sold items on etsy or ebay (possibly I botched the ebay search) and just… thought I’d check whether it got pulled for Elsewhere or a glitch ate it or something. If you still have it and put it back up, I am buying it.

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      2. I know you’re swamped and didn’t want to ask you to do extra stuff, but if that’s workable for you, then yes please, thank you?

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