Slowest Lemon Ever

I know I put up a picture of a green lemon several months back.

Yes, this is the same lemon! I’ve had ’em take a while to ripen before, but this one is taking the cake….

Had a carrot whose top was green, so I cut the whole bit off and put it in water, leaves and all. So far it’s still going? We’ll see.

Some new seedlings for the next batch of carrots.

Random but pretty dandelion-related weed.

And one of the local green anoles, giving me the side-eye.

…AKA I finished taxes and brain is at “…” level, so have a pic post!


3 thoughts on “Slowest Lemon Ever

  1. “Slow and steady wins the race.”

    “You lost. All the others finished already.”

    “And what happened to them?”

    “They got eaten… touche.”

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