10 thoughts on “Ice and Morning Glories

  1. Ha! We don’t even have spring flower planting yet, here. It froze last night, after it being 80 degrees the other day.

    We’ve got some hydrangeas, and the violets and spring beauties came out. And of course there are some other hardy spring flowers like tulips and daffodils, and hardy spring flowering trees. But that’s pretty much it. It might as well be March, today.

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      1. The milkweed we have isn’t supposed to take freezes, either. We’ve got the pot right next to the brick wall of the building, where it’s out of most wind and can get all the radiated heat built up over a day. So far even when we’ve had hard frosts the milkweed’s been just fine.

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  2. Our weather was unseasonably warm in February/March, and then we had some more cold weather and heavy rain. So now a lot of the fruit and nut crops of California are not going to come this year. Sorry to all the almond lovers, but we lost about 90% of the crop this year, so the prices are going to be up.

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