Quick Music Post

Exhausted and had no particularly good ideas yesterday, so I’ve put together a post of music links for writing inspiration.

For heartstrings. (This is an awesome manga, and now an anime.)
Spy x Family「 AMV 」I’m not Gonna Make it Alone

For wonder. Note I haven’t seen the show, but the trailer makes an intriguing bunny springboard.
The Sound of Magic | Official Teaser | Netflix [ENG SUB]

For considering zpocs. This is particularly interesting if you really want to have your characters face overwhelming odds without modern tech to help.
Zombie Invasions Before Modern Firearms | Feudal Korea Analysis (KINGDOM)

For SF, with more than a hint of pulp. Because nothing says pulp like a beautiful crossdressing cyborg fighting lab-mutated monsters to save the city.
CyberSix AMV

And last but not least, for vampires and romance!
Sung Yeol X Yang Sun | without you i would fall apart

10 thoughts on “Quick Music Post

  1. Oooh, there’s also…. argh, lemmie go look….

    Here we go:
    Miss KUROITSU from the Monster Development Department

    It’s from inside the villains going against the Power Ranger type heroes from Japanese media, and so far most of the episodes end with clips or shots of the ….whatever the proper term for the Japanese costumed hero guys… and then the note “NONE OF THESE GUYS WERE MADE UP!”

    So a ginormous fan-service thing, and it’s adorable and funny.


    Er, mono-drah? With snarky snake?

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    1. /Miss KUROITSU from the Monster Development Department/
      I can see it now, the next great threat to the Forces of Good.

      They’re losing all their support staff to the villains because said Bad Guys are luring them away with tricks such as competitive pay, assured sick leave/vacation time, guaranteed pay raises every year, compensation for overtime, comprehensive health care plans and other such foul materialistic temptations.

      It’s like they don’t care anymore about Trust, Justice, Righteousness and the knowledge that they are helping the Greater Good.

      “That’s because Trust, Justice, and Righteousness don’t help pay the rent.”

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      1. They didn’t take it that route– I’m actually rather glad, although one of the teams has me HOWLING– it’s a fun, sweet, you’re allowed to love the good guys even though the perspective is with the bad guys anime.

        It’s a comedy in keeping with the costumed heroes, instead of being a subversion.

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  2. Thanks for the music video sharing. Ran across some of my own that also provoke bunnies.

    Be warned that all three contain spoilers (though the FGO Solomon movie is essentially one giant spoiler to begin with when you get down to it).

    Fate/Grand Order Solomon【AMV】Let’s Do This
    The maker chose a great song for what was being presented. Though I’m willing to bet that said collective fight drained at least 2/3rds of the movie’s animation budget.

    Fate/Grand Order: Shuukyoku Tokuiten: Rise from the Ashes
    I’d recommend checking out the rest of ToVo’s work, the guy has some very nicely done videos. Actually got introduced to the Lord El-Melloi II Case Files setting through them.

    Pandora || Arcane [Tribute]
    It’s rare that I’ve seen voice clips meshed well in a music video. This guy just nailed it, particularly when putting them together with the appropriate parts of the music track.

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