A Long Road Chapter 15 Ficbit – Under the Surface

“There are priests in the Jianghu.” Wen Ning paused. “They don’t like cultivators much.”

“Which really isn’t fair, they’re fine at their jobs,” Wei Wuxian said virtuously. “We just get called in when they’re not enough.”

Father Gerichen’s brows climbed; he shifted his weight, as if braced for a vigorous argument. “You don’t think the Lord Patriarch and other priests will make a difference?”

He was not going to roll his eyes, Wei Wuxian decided. It was an honest question. “Patriarch or not… calling in a priest is like washing a wound. It helps keep it from getting infected. But once a wound’s gone bad, you need different kinds of healing.”

That drew the students’ attention; Mina in particular, who had been peering over at Wen Ning, gave him a wary glance. “Cultivators aren’t anything like priests!”

“Exactly.” Wei Wuxian gave the small flock of seedlings a look-over. “Which is a good thing, because priests won’t be enough for a river trying very hard to be a waterborne abyss.”

Father Gerichen only frowned. But from the way the students paled, some edging a little farther from the water, Nie Huaisang had told them stories.

Wei Wuxian spread his hands, reassuring. “It hasn’t gotten that bad. I don’t think it could get that bad, not with the Terilee running right through Companions’ Field. All that spiritual energy ringing out with every hoof-beat? Even a full-fledged abyss couldn’t do more than swirl under the surface.”

Wen Ning coughed, politely.

“Though that would be pretty bad for anyone who stuck a toe under the water,” Wei Wuxian allowed. “Father, it’s not just that Lord Orthallen used the river as his own personal unhallowed grave for anyone who annoyed him. Rivers have always been used that way. But this river flows through Haven, through the Palace, through Companions’ Field itself. It should carry the spiritual energy of a righteous ruler to the rest of her domain. Instead he laced it with the resentful energy of a traitor.” He took a breath. “And it’s worse because the ghosts trapped here by those treacherous acts resent their deaths, and their killers, and even the Heralds. Who were so close… and yet never protected them.”

Gerichen winced. “Heralds are only human, master cultivator.”

“So are ghosts,” Wei Wuxian said quietly.

5 thoughts on “A Long Road Chapter 15 Ficbit – Under the Surface

  1. Gerichen winced. “Heralds are only human, master cultivator.”

    “So are ghosts,” Wei Wuxian said quietly -> Ow, doesn’t that just sum up everything😢

    I really love that our Valdemarian friends are getting to know WWX as himself and not just his reputation.

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  2. “the spiritual energy of a righteous ruler” this almost seems like magic — a righteous ruler has the mandate of heaven. Of course in Valdemar they go to extreme lengths to make sure their ruler actually has divine favor as oppose to claiming divine approval.
    I’m surprised that Mina isn’t with Nie Huaisang, and isn’t with her own priest.

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  3. Oh, yes. Yes that would be a clash. And neatly explains a lot about why no one really knew about the Baxue, Bax- Song Lan’s temple being ganked by Xue Yang.

    So Wei Wuxian is a weird priest as well as a weird cultivator. Good to know! But this is so cool. He’s a repository of knowledge. In the words paraphrased from By Any Other Name, “it doesn’t matter if he can’t use a sword. Not when he has half the world’s cultivation knowledge at his fingertips.” And he has the other half on retainer with the Wen. Or he’s on retainer for them, one of the two.

    I do adore how the seedlings hear ‘Waterborne Abyss’ and decide moving might be in the cards for them. The smart ones are nudging behind the necromancer. He scary, but he alive.

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