Quick Note: A Thought on Fantasy

For anyone interested in writing F/SF or playing D&D, I ran across a Tumblr blog of adventure prompts. One in particular grabbed my eye: Not because it was a great and grand Adventure, but because it was a much smaller-scale idea that to me summed up some of the essence of what’s so Awesome about good fantasy.

In the Glittering Reef, the characters might free-dive into dangerous waters to grab one coin from a sunken hoard, once used to lure and slay an evil dragon.

The illustration – looking down from above on a boat rowing over the sunken skeleton of a mighty dragon – nails it. This is a fantastic event that had consequences, that produced a lingering history, that inspires people years and who knows how long later.

This is fantasy of the best kind: “Suppose X is real. Then what would happen?”

I’d like more stories like this. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Quick Note: A Thought on Fantasy

  1. I used that trick in *Where There Is Smoke* where I took a lie someone told about gunpowder in *Lord Kalvan of Otherwhen* and made it the truth.

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    1. Now I need to re-read that to figure out which lie it was… which isn’t that bad a thing, since Piper wrote some interesting books (even if Space Viking was his best).

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