Brief Note: Too Darn Hot

Warning, disgruntled. Very much Not Gruntled. Too darn hot. Waaaaay too darn hot.

Yes there are fans. Yes there’s water. Yes I carry salt. But working  for several hours in 90-plus heat index several days in a row drains you.


Hopefully more writing tomorrow.

11 thoughts on “Brief Note: Too Darn Hot

  1. Supervillain Plot of the Week:

    “Now I shall set off a volcano!”

    “Why are you doing this? Terror? Ransom?”

    “The weather is too hot, and this seems like a good way to cool things off.”

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  2. Oh yeah, that’s familiar! Sucks tho. I dislike summer SO much.

    Hope you feel better! I know sending you wishes for the heat to break are useless, since it’s only just June, tho. We can look forward to this til mid September probably. *Whines*


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  3. Ouch, as someone who spent the last four summers working between two welding cells and a two story paint system I completely understand.

    Take your time, take care of yourself, and take it easy!

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  4. I work at an 8 acre landscaping/plant nursery. There’s a lot of heavy lifting involved, plenty of running around, and a lot of customers without a blessed clue of what they want or what they’re doing.

    (Do your plants have a warranty? .No, like all living things, a plant is a commitment, and we have no control over whether or not you take care of it properly. We can only say the plant was healthy when you left with it.)

    (I want an evergreen shade shrub that’s deer and rabbit proof, flowers, but doesn’t attract pollinators-Good luck with that.)

    NC summers- high humidity and near constant triple-digit heat index- and made me miss MN winters. At least they don’t expect you to work out in the -50 w/ wind-chill weather, unless you’re utility maintenance and it’s an emergency. And you can add layer after layer until you practically roll through the doors, but you can only lose so many layers before you are publicly indecent. I refuse to be one of the ones running around everywhere in the glorified underwear they call a bathing suit…

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