Book Progress Update – Formatting Oni

No, not creating odd folklore-inspired programs… though a computer oni might be more plausible than some of the stuff I’ve seen out of Hollywood lately. Ahem.

This is going to be short, because I spent most of yesterday doing very, very nitpicky detail-checking. The formats you need for a paperback version and a Kindle version of the same book differ in small but significant ways. Those small differences mean I find it simplest to finish the final draft in one document, then create two different new documents for each of the print and e-version. Each of those need to be checked over for stray hard returns, where page-breaks and paragraph breaks need to be added to neatly chapterize it, the paperback paragraphs have to be poked for if words need to be split and hyphenated to neaten up the pages, and each needs its own different version of the Table of Contents.

(Fortunately the Amazon KDP pages actually have pretty good run-downs of how to format everything so Kindle likes it. Very useful, that.)

Oh, and in the process I get to see the text formatted in two different ways, which can make errors obvious that weren’t there the last N times I checked, so it’s one last edit run on top of everything else.

But the main formatting of the interior matter for Oni the Lonely is finally done for both. Now comes getting a cover, ISBN, Library of Congress….

I wish I could put a timeline on this, but I’m not even going to try, because I’m doing this around work. My work schedule is not set one week to the next, and it’s exhausting, so any tricky book work pretty much has to be done on days off. And at this point it’s all tricky nitpicky stuff. (I don’t even want to think about the typos that might creep in after a scorching day at work. Nope.)

Definitely going to try to get it out in the next month or so, though. With luck, having it published will finally get my stubborn brain to mark that book as finished, and hopefully will let me start the next one!


19 thoughts on “Book Progress Update – Formatting Oni

  1. You got this! It’s the final stretch, you can do this! Also, I’m super excited, and can’t wait to share the book. Read it, obviously, but I will be buying this at least twice, once soft, once hard copy. I also can’t wait for more context for Haint Blue, and also to have my aunt let me finish reading it to her. She didn’t want to hear it once I let slip the book hasn’t been published yet. Understandable…

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  2. My work schedule is not set one week to the next

    Oh, that SUCKS.

    Seriously, the single worst thing that a job can do to people– it disrespects the worker, makes it almost impossible to plan around work for either a second job or even just living, and burns people out.

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    1. Very true. However when you’ve got a bum knee, multiple other health problems, have been out of the workforce for years because of caregiving, and degrees people swore would lead to jobs (and does – but only if you’re a 20-odd guy who can backpack for 2 weeks plus at a time)….

      Well. Options for who will even give you an interview are limited, and writing doesn’t bring in near enough to live on. Drat.

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      1. You don’t know the half of it. “Oh, we’re cutting hours because you didn’t make enough money X week.”

        X week had one day with a company-wide “credit card approval FAIL” and another with endless belts of thunderstorms so customers were almost nil. Neither of which was something the employees could have fixed!

        (Yes, I was there both days. Apparently some of the people in charge were surprised I handled the credit card chaos so well – I honestly don’t know what meltdowns other people had, I was too busy trying to keep people calm and work out alternative payments.

        …But honestly, when you’ve had your entire life collapse a couple of times, computers obstinately refusing to work the way they should? Eh, what else is new?)

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  3. Does your workplace have an irregular schedule for everyone, or just you?

    Mine varies from one job to the next. Some you never know what your days will be until the schedule is posted about two weeks beforehand, and some you can figure out what your work days will be years in advance if you stick to the same job, even for jobs that aren’t M-F.

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    1. Everyone who’s part-time, yes. Usually we have it posted out to almost 3 weeks in advance, but sometimes the person scheduling drops the ball and lets the computer do it.

      …In case you were wondering, this is a Bad Idea. It ends up with people scheduled 11 to 3 PM, 1-4, or – as once happened to me – 9 PM to 5 PM. I did not show up at such a ridiculous hour, and it was later straightened out, but.

      I needed a job in a hurry, it took 2 months just to land this one. I’m going to hang in here until I can get enough breathing room to consider other options… which would be easier if the grocery bill hadn’t gone up insane amounts. Multiple food allergies mean most “eat cheaply” tricks would leave me too sick to work, which kind of defeats the point….

      Meh. One day at a time.

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    1. …And I’m not going to be able to get to the library for a while to bug them. (Like heck am I accessing a stealing site from my home computer.)

      I’m barely scraping by as it is. Why. Why do people do this. Why.

      …I’m just so tired.

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      1. *Wry G*

        Tell him to pay attention to details. They’re all important. Very important.

        The fact that Chu Chu can look at people’s bone structure and say this is what the living person would have looked like, and/or this is the place they likely came from… shows up in a way you won’t expect, several eps in.

        (Spoiler: When the Emperor orders a marriage, and the mother of said would-be groom suddenly freaks out.)

        The people-lifting-my-writing thing just makes me sick to my stomach, because this is far from the first time. I’ve had to contact Amazon in the past to get someone else’s publication of my fanfiction taken down.

        This just feels like a Last Straw. Everything I’ve ever done in my life, someone else rips off and makes the profit from.

        …Applying music. Don’t think I can do any more reality today.

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