A Few Stray Pics

Brain was just Not last night, so… have a bit of randomness

Carrotlings! Tiny carrots, that will grow up into slightly less tiny carrots. Crunchable.

I got the whole series of Bestia, currently offering it up on eBay. I have to say I was disappointed? It started out with interesting bits of folklore, but went too much typical shonen manga “if you don’t instinctively know how to do everything we’ve trained for years to do, we shall Insult You”. And a lot of the questions we have about the mysterious characters never get answered. Pretty, though.

Florida Betony! No tubers yet, that’ll have to wait until fall. Drat.

Popcorn tree! An invasive ornamental, people thought they could use it as a wax source. Unfortunately birds love it and spread it everywhere. Biologists keep having to cut and burn it out of salamander breeding ponds on Eglin AFB, among other places.

The first hand-beaded toggle I ever made. It works, at least! And maybe someday the bracelet will sell….


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