Stray Crossover Idea: Leverage/The Imperial Coroner

Note, I have no idea how you’d pull it off. The settings and times are very, very different. But if they ever got the chance the Leverage crew would adopt Commandery Prince An and his merry team of misfits on the spot.

No, seriously. For all they’re about solving crimes, Xiao Jinyu (Commandery Prince An) has pulled together a great heist group. He’s the mastermind, of course, picking up clues to uncover the truth and plotting how to get politically astute criminals to reveal themselves in ways they can’t cover up. Lang Yue, the granddaughter of a great general commanding the southwest frontier and adept with both sword and fist, is their hitter. Jing Yi, the son of a minister (and young minister himself) has a family talent for spotting lies, and is both grifter and thief. (Hopping about on rooftops with his grapnel, coming through windows for fun, impersonations, and charming people into damning admissions.) And Chu Chu, as a coroner, is their hacker.

I grant this last one takes some explaining.

In a modern heist, the hacker is the role that steals information; getting it from where it’s been locked away, or scraping together tiny bits of data to make one solid clue no one else noticed. That’s exactly what Chu Chu does, for the living and the dead. To her every body tells a story; every untimely death has what the victim wanted to tell us embedded in its bones.

…Literally. There’s a heart-wrenching death where Chu Chu describes what the victim would have gone through for years before, due to a sword slash that broke bone, causing long-term infections no one could treat. Even today that level of injury can easily lead to amputation if antibiotics can’t pull off a cure, and… there wasn’t anyone who could have done that in time.

(It’s a good series, ends well, and is mostly upbeat. But there are a few eps that tear your heart out and stomp.)

The team’s out to solve crimes, not commit them. But because of the realities of politics, cover-ups, and who’ll be executed if the truth isn’t brought forward with an ironclad case, they do as much scheming and plotting as crime-solving. They would have a lot in common with the whole Leverage crowd.

…And they’re all younger than Parker, with too many secrets and daunting things in their past to shake a bundle of sticks at. Sophie would take one look and want to carry them all off, I swear.

Ahem. As I said, no idea how to do this as a serious crossover. But I thought the similarities were interesting.

And who knows? One of you might have the crazy it takes to write it!


15 thoughts on “Stray Crossover Idea: Leverage/The Imperial Coroner

    1. In this case, the crossover mechanism that fits most is Star Gate.

      There is a set of expanded gate network planets, and Imperial Coroner is on one of them.

      Issue being, the level of set up that one would do might feel like too much to do for simply this crossover story.

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      1. A lot of Chinese webnovels take place in “imperial China, except it’s not China, because here are some fake dynasty and country names.” So you wouldn’t have to change _anything_ to make those forgotten Stargate planets.

        And therefore, even if it starts out as being set in historical China, you can easily make it not-really-historical China.

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  1. In Jonathan Moeller’s crew, it’s a toss-up whether Caina and her crew will be solving a crime or committing one. Or both. Deduce who the culprit is, commit a heist to stop him.

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  2. Well, you could do your tried and true, and triple cross it with btvs?

    The Scoobies are reincarnations, who dress as the leverage gang for Halloween, eith by moving the show a bit in time to be something they could watch, OR by having some costumes they wore for a con end up in Ethan’s costume shop?

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  3. Honestly I think the main issue is the cultural experience.

    Both Leverage and the Imperial Coroner teams are specifically experts in their culture.
    A great swordsman is a great swordsman anywhere, but a con artist is not a con artist in a different culture.

    It’s hard to steer someone’s reactions when you don’t know what they react to.
    It’s hard to be charming when you don’t know the basics of what they consider polite.
    Even something as basic as how they laugh can throw you off.

    So just dumping one team into the other’s world would require time for acclimatization.
    Otherwise they would just be floundering and lost.

    So the next possibility would be a fusion, translate one team into the other world.
    It’s probably easier to move the Imperial Coroner team into the modern world than the other way around.
    It’s hard to ‘hack’ a system when everything is written on paper and in classical forms.

    Once you have them on the same footing, the remaining difference is that one team is law enforcement and the other is not.

    So here’s the way I see the plot happening:
    The Leverage team is taking a job in a foreign country.
    They have enough familiarity to work, but they don’t have the connections and freedom of movement they are used to.
    They are targeting a corrupt government official.

    Purely as an example, someone gets killed and their family member goes to the Leverage crew because they think it will be covered up by the authorities.

    The Imperial Coroner team is working the same case, but from the other side.
    Their problem is the legitimate possibility that they might be ordered to stop investigating.
    The corrupt official is in a position to pressure them.

    And when they start running in to each other, they eventually realize they’re both aiming for the same outcome.

    Honestly the hard part at this point is to keep it from being too easy.
    The easiest way to win is to play both sides of the board.

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    1. My sister did LARP scenarios. One went much easier than she expected because it was a murder mystery and there were professionals and amateur detectives.

      She had thought of them as separate teams. They teamed up.

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  4. Leverage is one of those shows that could probably cross with just about anything if you’re willing to make some adjustments, like making it a Modern AU. And I just thought of how throwing the Leverage crew and the Magnificent 7 (the old tv show, not movie) ATF AU could work out. Nate and Chris would either get along great or explosively, and I honestly have no idea which way it would go. Not to mention Ezra and Sophie.

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    1. I can totally SEE a leverage/M7 ATF set up. A charity thing where everybody has eyes on the target. M7’s there to get them legally, Leverage is there to get them however possible… and then Maude breezes in and drags Ezra and Sophie into whatever con she’s currently running…mercy. Talk about a gambit pile up.

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      1. Oh man, how could I forget Maude? She’s definitely the rogue chaos element. Though now, I can’t help but wonder who would win, Maude or Sophie? Don’t get me wrong, I’d still enjoy the interactions between Sophie and Ezra, but Maude and Sophie have very similar playbooks in a lot of ways. Especially Season 1 or early Season 2 for Sophie.

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