10 thoughts on “Jurassic Cat?

      1. I’m finding myself wishing I knew enough about lasers to ‘well, akshully…’ this properly. 🙂

        Given the other joke coming to mind that I’m not up to executing here, it seems that fatigue giveth the desire, and taketh away the ability.

        Last time I was looking up details of the first book/movie, I decided that they occurred in the Star Gate universe, and that Hammond is brothers with Hammond, so SG1 visited, everything had a happy ending, and there were not infinite retellings of Frankenstein with dinosaur theme parks.

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      2. “Hammond is brothers with Hammond”. Y’know, I’d totally read a fanfic based on that. Just imagine the O’Neil snark over the idiots who cloned T-Rex and raptors….

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  1. The videos by this guy (and cat) are examples of the internet as it’s best!

    Which reminds me… whatever major fast communication systems your ‘verse has… make sure it has people who are using it to do cute, fluffy, wholesome stuff together! ..Even if most people use it for not as great stuff…

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