A Long Road Chapter 15 Ficbit – In the Water

Wei Wuxian would risk his own life. But not those depending on him. :…You will be safe.:

:Then you do your job, Cultivator Lan.: Quiet warmth. :And I’ll see how he does his.:

Lan Wangji inclined his head, allowing himself one glance as Elcarth and Companion Theke worked their way out of the edge of the crowd and started meandering downriver. He could follow the elder with Mindspeech as well as qi sense now, it should not have been an effort to turn away-

But the man was a deep well of comfort, and even at his strictest a student could never doubt his love of learning. It was like being in the company of his uncle in those rare moments when Lan Qiren was most relaxed and at his ease, surrounded by scrolls and music. The way his uncle might have lived, had he not been forced to become sect leader in all but name.

If my father had chosen differently….

:You are not your father,: Kellen snorted. :You might have wanted to carry Wei Wuxian off against his will and hide him forever – but. You did. Not. Do it.: White lips puffed a breath. :Eyes front, Chosen, the Lord Patriarch’s getting to the good part.:

Hmm. Not that he had much to do with ordinary priests or rituals, but this one, meant to call on powers of Light, acknowledge lost souls, and help them pass on in peace? Yes, he would call that very good. Even if he thought the Lord Patriarch’s gold-decked staff was a bit much, casting back autumn sun in blinding glints as the priest called for all restless spirits to find their way home-

Golden glints vanished, as a shadow moved across the sun.


16 thoughts on “A Long Road Chapter 15 Ficbit – In the Water

      1. Eh, not really. Even on the best trails riding down a mountain is hard. And that’s without how many pounds of armor.

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    1. B/c it’s probably the Wild Hunt. 😛

      Or maybe Ghost Riders Innnnn… the Skyyyyyyyy!!!!!
      (“Negative Ghost Rider, the pattern is full.” “Thus is the Spirit of Vengeance… forced to wait his turn. Truly, Hell is Bureaucracy.”)

      …I need more sleep, I think I just mixed 3-4 genres in two lines….

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  1. Aww, Lan Wangji being able to relax around Elgarth is cute! And I’m curious if Wei Wuxian will find out that Lan Wangji sent him backup because he was worried. 😇 and Kellen catching on that Lan Wangji was worried about becoming like his father was awesome, and a glimpse of the affection Lan Wangji has for his uncle in different circumstances. And something is about to go sideways.

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  2. And Lan Wangji trusting Wei Wuxian and telling his new friend that he will be safe near him is also really cool. I guess I have too much fun imagining Wei Wuxian being flummoxed by the fact that Lan Wangji has been telling these people GOOD things about him. And that he trusts him. 😊

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  3. You remember that huge storm that happens right as Wangxian are confessing in the Guanyin temple? That happened because two strongly yin natured entities were clashing right outside. (Niè Mingjue’s corpse and Wen Ning.) So this sudden shadow is either because of clashing or summoned yin, or some ghosts are being very grumpy about where ‘home’ is.

    I bet Wei Wuxian is having a running commentary about this.

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    1. “Now here, class, we see –DUCK!– a *texbook* example of a Non-Terminal Repeating Phan –ON YOUR LEFT!– Phantasm, or as we in the trade like to –ooh, slime, don’t worry, it’ll wash off!– like to call it, a Class 5 Free-Roaming Vapor. We’ll just adjust our streams so –DROP AND ROLL!–, remember NOT to look at the trap, and… VOILA!”

      After all, WWX triggers LWJ’s protective instincts in part b/c most of their interactions have consisted of WWX pulling Egon Gambits (“There’s definitely a very small chance we’ll survive!”, with a side of “that would have worked if you hadn’t stopped me.”).

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