A Long Road Chapter 15 Ficbit – Braced

Bones stabbed like talons, lit by a thousand mad eyes of green fire. Screeched off blue arrays shielding their formation, casting dark sparks of resentment over crowd and water alike.

In the back of his mind, Lan Wangji noted the screaming. Not all from human throats.

:I told the foals this wouldn’t be pretty…: Kellen shuddered, one hoof stamping a rhythm to help regulate the qi he lent his Chosen. :Can we hold this?:

Lan Wangji deliberately ignored panicked cries, as the crowd scattered. Guided by white and green, they were scattering away from the water.

Every night-hunt is a risk, he’d emphasized to the Monarch’s Own. The number of restless spirits Wei Wuxian reports, the time they have had to build their resentment – anyone nearby may be in grave danger.

And yet it was Queen Selenay’s capital at risk, and her own Companions’ Field in the center of the danger. It would be a loss of face for her own people if they did not at least try to solve the matter without foreign interference.

So they’d called upon the priests, and made plans. Now to see if those plans would hold.

Even through his shields Lan Wangji could feel the pulse of panic, panic, panic! Yet above the fear came Talia’s projection of focus, stay together, run away from the danger-!

:The situation is… less than optimal,: he admitted, as most of the screaming moved behind them. :We do not yet know if that was the yaoguai’s full strength or merely a testing-:

For a moment there was nothing – only an endless, breathless blink of impact.

And then the drowning wave, the raging icy hate that crawled through meridians and tore, tore, tore, trying to douse the golden flame of his core and swallow it up, swallow him up, infect and warp a living body to drag more spirits down to watery death-

21 thoughts on “A Long Road Chapter 15 Ficbit – Braced

  1. Oh, ow, yeah looks like that first strike was just a tap!


    Lovely fic bit! I especially like the tired kinda off hand, ‘i TOLD the foals it would be scary’ bit. Kids, they never listen. XD

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  2. Oh lovely, this will be interesting. Hopefully both Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji get to show off a little, even if it seems like the entity is targeting him. Ouch. And Hopefully Kellen isn’t in danger either. This will be so epic, I’m so looking forward to what Wei Wuxian does!

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  3. Hey what do you know? Smacking a collective morass of spirits (that already don’t like you) with spiritual power while going ‘Be at peace/Go away we don’t want you here’ provokes a hostile response.

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    1. It might be a bit simpler than that. The ritual told the spirits to go home. Many of those spirits worked in the Palace in life. Maybe don’t compel the angry spirits to go home when you’re standing in the landing zone. The darkening of the sun may have been Vkandis face palming.

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  4. I am surprised at the power of the spirits. Haven is in a magic free area, the Companions should be creating a peaceful area that generally siphons off the resentment, there aren’t that many angry dead. No major wars and mass graves unlike the burial mounds. WWX found very few angry spirits who hated the government and he was carefully looking for them.

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    1. Yeah but Orthalleon (And I’m really hoping I’m spelling that right) used the river for years as his personal disposal pit and it wasn’t like the Companions were actively purifying the river. It’s more like if you’ll pardon the grossness, wiping pus off an infected wound. Sure it works, but unless you slaver the wound itself in some sort of cream, or if it’s a foreign body, dig it out, the infection will keep coming back and never heal.

      And Wei Wuxian, in his desire to figure out what was going on, disturb the source of the infection and now they’re dealing with the fallout.

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  5. Yep there it is. Back in the temple graveyard when LWJ mentioned creatures going after those with the strongest golden core all my foreshadowing alarms went off. WWX is not going to be happy.

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  6. I’m going to ask a possible silly question. Lan Wangji wouldn’t have deliberately saturated his core with Kellen’s power in order to actually Make himself a more tempting target for whatever creature might show up, would he…? 😒 😇 In order to protect certain important people? 🤔

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