Brief Book Update: Getting Covered

I’ve got the front cover art for Oni the Lonely, and have commissioned the spine and back cover.  With any luck those should be set in the next 2 weeks, and then it’ll be a matter of uploading everything to Amazon and doing one last-double-check before the book is published.

…And then I’ll need to try to write more and find a second job/income source, because work is cutting hours just when I was getting all the bills paid. Go figure.

Beading is fun and pretty but too time-intensive to be more than an occasional sideline. Writing takes a while to pay off at best. Getting a second retail job means juggling two schedules and even more people, which is not what I’m good at.

(*cough cough understatement cough*)

I’m… going to think about it. When I have a bit more sleep, because people were celebrating with very big bangs and lots of them.

Hang in there, everyone. 🙂


10 thoughts on “Brief Book Update: Getting Covered

  1. Perhaps a transcription job, where you transcribe and/or caption videos and things? It’s something I looked into for myself, though I never actually went through. From what I recall though, the rates (for transcription work) are decent and if it’s the freelance type, it’s “as much or as little as you want”. Which might work for someone who’s schedule changes frequently, and hey, no need to deal with people!

    The one I was looking at was, and you’re in the US, there wouldn’t even be that fiddly “so we pay you in US and you get to deal with the exchange rates when you take the money out of paypal”

    But good luck to you with everything, cover art and job and all.

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    1. Maybe you could point me toward a site I can investigate? I have background in bio and math, statistics (SAS, Excel, bit of R and SPlus), I know how to research things, and I once tracked down the interesting fact that the line in the poem “The Battle of Hastings” about swineherds hearing the racket in Kent means it was VERY loud and must have shaken the earth…. because most swineherds in Kent were hereditarily deaf.

      Edit: Thanks, will look into!

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  2. I keep obsessively checking this site to see if the book is out yet so I can buy it. I have a question though, I was scrolling through tumblr and this guy said he gets paid $1.80 on a $17 paperback on Amazon. Is there a better way for me to order the paperback from you? Also I’ve reread all of your books a couple of times since you announced the publication of Oni the Lonely.

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    1. I think I read that same post – thebibiliosphere? – and it’s actually listed as a “17 British pound”, not $17. So that’s more of a problem with it being printed overseas than anything else.

      I’ll have to check what I’m currently earning off book sales, but I set my prices to get paid better than that!

      …There’s also the option of ordering signed copies directly from me when I get printed ones.


  3. Great to hear Oni is getting closer to published–and I’m sorry to hear you’re having more work troubles. Good luck, and for what it’s worth I’m praying for you.


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