8 thoughts on “Gradients of Water

  1. Beautiful photo essay.

    Hey, I just saw something that said that breathing salt water vapor was good for clearing out mucus, and that’s why Victorians were big on sea air. And it’s the secret, unacknowledged secondary mechanism of gargling hot salt water, but you can get quicker results by putting it in your “hot water in a bowl with a towel over your head” secret blend of herbs and spices.

    Now they tell me….

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    1. Anyway, the funny thing was that the comments were full of Caribbean people saying, “Oh, yeah, we go down to the beach for an hour whenever we’re feeling like we’ve caught a cold!” Obviously not something I’d heard before.

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    1. This is probably … Not the best place to put this, but my head cold is making thoughts difficult.

      I suck at writing. I have great ideas but find it very difficult to put those thoughts into words on paper. I also suck at conflict

      So. Plot Bunny for adoption:

      Crossover: My Hero Academia / Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. Quirks are evolved from Peculiar abilities …. Bonus points for the canon “baby that glows” (and ignoring the part about the baby being born in China) being the child of Jake (can see the invisible) and Emma (controls air). Extra bonus points for Hagakure being their many-times-over great-grandaughter.

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  2. Water is endlessly interesting! You don’t see it as much anymore but I really love when a stream or creek is clear enough to see the bottom and you go out near sunset and the light hits it just right to turn the top to fire it you can still see everything under the shine too so there’s a really gorgeous effect.

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  3. MarbleGlove has a new Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation one-shot on AO3 titled:
    Elder, an Aesthetic

    I think you’d enjoy it.
    It’s about WWX figuring out how to put a PR spin his condition immediately after the war.

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